May 9, 2008

Adventures with Collin Smith, Morgan Cummard, David Money, and Joseph Money


This couch was hard as a rock.

Wall e

Things got out of hand; Joseph got his revenge.


  1. haha, those are funny pictures. I love the one of you and Collin! Which reminds me...did I ever email you that picture that we took of you and Collin at your parents on Super Bowl Sunday? It was a cute one. I'll have to email it to you, because I don't think I sent it to you. Good Job on the post! Loved it...

  2. Hey you're trying to kill me. I didn't realize that, know I have to re-think everything!

  3. Hey girl I am so glad you started a blog now I can stalk you whenever I want ;o) hehehe Cute pics I feel like I have not seen you forever!