September 27, 2012

Today was a very hard day.
CS gone till 9pm.
I was doing good cleaning the whole house and got Fred outside to
play a couple times but he wouldn't nap longer than 30 mins no matter what i tried. he got progressively more tired, cranky, wired.
Meltdown material.
Plus a couple of hard things going on.
Can get ya feelin super down and worthless, you know?

Tomorrow is another day. And he just fell asleep.

Sigh, time to go tackle a pile of dishes the size of the Czech republic.

September 26, 2012

Nation-wide nurse-in at your local Applebee's

Earlier this month a breastfeeding mother in Georgia was asked by a manager to leave Applebees. When she stated her rights and didn't move the police were called!

This Saturday please go to your local Applebees anytime between 1-3pm and nurse or just let them know you support the rights of breastfeeding mothers.
Here is the main event page on Facebook:!/events/424663000914176?ref=bookmark&__user=27708646

Here is an article about what happened.

I've nursed in bathrooms. It's hot, often dirty, there's no where to sit, you're usually in the way of people trying to pee or wash their hands, it's hard. But i would try it because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. then I said, screw it! I want to nurse in comfort! I'm not covering up (just to frustrate freddie, make him unlatch, spray milk everywhere and discourage me--I mean doesn't everyone love having a blanket over their heads while trying to learn how to eat after just being born??) I'm not going in the other room, just to feel even more isolated and lonely than I already was feeling postpartum. (I support people covering up or going in another room to nurse. These are just my experiences and this is my blog!!!! Everyone should nurse how and where they want! But they should have that right!)

For heavens sake! Breasts are MADE to feed babies! That is their purpose! Why is it so offensive and uncomfortable for people? A woman dresses up in a slightly revealing cocktail dress and shes sexy and classy. Another woman feeds her child-in public-in the most pure, innocent, beautifully bonding way God intended for her to and some consider her gross. I don't get it. Our world is backward.

Anyway---I'll be at Applebee's this Saturday, nursing Frederick!

September 25, 2012

up in the pines

the air was cool and smelled deliciously. the trees were tall. frederick was happy (wouldn't you be if you got to run around in the woods, find pine cones and rocks and flowers and eat lots of dirt?) I enjoyed my time getting to know the young women and being in nature. of course, I wished cs could have been with us; i never like doing things without him, but it was a quick trip, and a good one. 

Ashley, the dog

we got the americana room. this bed was divinely comfortable.


serious. silly!

thanks, buddy!

my little man

that night we talked about things we struggle with such as our perceptions of ourselves. these thoughts and feelings don't stop when you become an adult. we all wrote down things we want to do better with and crumpled it up. the next day we buried our "weapons of war." It was all anonymous, but I'll tell you mine: I want to pray everyday, morning and night, and I want to stop feeling negatively about my body and clothes postpartum. two of a few goals I've set for myself recently. I think I can do it. we talked about HOW we will do it. when I am getting dressed or look in the mirror, when I'm about to think something negative, I just don't. I just get dressed and go and don't worry or think about it. I've done it for a few days now, and it's working! though I've been working hard at exercising and eating healthily, I can't change the fact that after having a baby, my hips are just wider. my tummy has stretches. my breasts are huge and full of milk! hehe. I'm instead grateful I was blessed with these things. they gave me.........well just look at this little boy.
we got to shoot these cool blue-lighted airplane thingies. mine didn't work so fred just held it. it was pretty though!

Hike the next morning: when you think you can't go on, know you can always do more!

they made it to the top!

see ya next time, Ashley!

September 23, 2012

coming up!

Back from the woods.
Pictures tomorrow or so.
I am very excited for this
on September 30

This is awesome, too.

September 20, 2012

Check it!

My husband, Collin h s, has started his very own Blog!! I love it! Read it! Need it!
That is all....for now.....

OH! But also I got my new Ergobaby carrier and LOVE IT! We're all (my mom, Collin, me, Fred) obsessed with it!!!! I made din din the other day with Fred on my back! No crying for me to hold him!!!!

Tonight I saw a film entitled Freedom for Birth. Please check this out (read about it.) It was beautiful.

AND! I'm headed to the pines for a little cabin retreat...don't miss me too much...


September 19, 2012

birthday photos

now for lots and lots and lots of birthday photos.

We had a little birthday party for Frederick on Saturday the 15th. We really enjoyed planning and making this event happen. Collin and I love parties. We love people. This was the biggest party we'd planned thus far but, hey! your first kid only turns one once, right? The weather was perfect. The park was green and beautiful. The food was delicious: Pulled Pork from our favorite BBQ place, Circle H BBQ , a spicy watermelon salad, a grilled corn salad, a vegetable salad, various fruits, cinnamon oatmeal cookies, Peach Lemonade (yum!) and of course, the cakes: one chocolate blackout and one white, made by me. It all turned out SO well. We loved the decorations and had fun making them. There were birthday Madlibs, gift bags, homemade bookmarks, burlap pennants, garland, banners, and all things turquoise, yellow, white, and brown. There was an awesome kids table with coloring sheets printed from Made By Joel and other sweet art stuffs. Collin did all of the graphic design. He's so talented. The best part was seeing so many of our close friends and family (and we missed so many who couldn't be there!) It was a beautiful celebration- for us as much as anything! We made it to a year! And of course, there was my adorable happy Frederick. My best buddy. A one year old!

This photo was taken by Jayna Hedges of Jayna H Photography. Here are some more! We LOVE them and love Jayna. Thank you thank you!

Here are some shots I got: