June 23, 2014

Rest and peace.

27 And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. Amen. (Enos:27)

This verse in Enos gives me a comfort. I don't understand eternity and I don't understand the afterlife I'm glad that I will be with my family and my husband my children forever but the fact that I can't comprehend it all really freaks me out sometimes. 
But this verse says to me that maybe that's because I'm not ready; I'm not prepared. So maybe if I were to be more prepared or more ready I would be more fine with the whole thing. I like that he says that he'll have rest. I think of life and the never-ending dishes, sweeping the floor in the laundry and picking up, kids in and out and in and out and in and out of car seats...showering day after day, shaving my legs to no end!!!!!!.....all of those maintenance things on top of just living and taking care my children and being with my husband and developing other relationships with friends. 

Rest sounds kind of good actually. 

June 22, 2014

My two

I love my kids!!!!

June 18, 2014

My little broken legged babe.

Friday June 6th we were at a splash pad w friends in glendale and Fred slipped on the concrete. When this kid gets hurt he might cry a bit but he's super easily distracted and eager to "get back on the horse." But this time I knew it could be something more because he was screaming uncontrollably for over a half hour. I finally got him to calm down and watch a show on my phone but he was still crying and finally fell asleep. It was pretty awful. Last dec, he hurt his foot and we took him to the ER because he was acting similarity to this. But it was just a really bad bruise. He would still walk on it and it took a few days to get better. We learned from that experience that we will wait at least 24 hrs to get him into the dr (unless blood spewing/bone sticking out..you get the picture..) and if there's something really wrong it won't be any worse for waiting. Well after the weekend he still hadn't walked or even gotten out of bed at all; diaper and clothes changes were a horrible screaming nightmare. (Collin had to cut off a pair of shorts because he was screaming so badly and would let him change a diaper that REALLY needed changing.) ....So the following Monday we took him to our dr. Fred had been complaining about his foot the whole time. He would point to a spot on his foot and favor his foot---well it was the whole leg really, but he kept saying his foot. I think we had said it first and he just knew he was in pain. He loved telling everyone that he slipped at the splashpad and rolled his foot. 
The dr didn't think his foot was broken but ordered X-rays. We had them taken and after a day got a call that it could be Kohlers disease and that they are very concerned. I basically started freaking out and researching and reading everything I could find on Kohlers. It's a very rare bone disease in little boys that happens when there isn't am enough blood flow to the foot and the tissue dies and the navicular bone collapses. It can last up to 2 years! Fred got a blessing and we talked to friends and prayed. Meanwhile we had to wait for a call from a Pediactric foot specialist so that he could examine him and help us figure this out and Fred was just in constant pain, missing church and swimming and fun things and staying in bed. I finally got a hold of someone and pled w them to get me in. They took pity. We got in the following Monday with a dr karlen at the Phoenix children's hospital in Mesa. This place was so great!!! Everyone was so so sweet, nurses comforting, quick to see the dr etc. They took their own X-rays of the foot, leg, hip. Anddddd.....it was just a fracture in his tibia bone!!!!! Nothing wrong w his foot...his navicular bone hadn't even developed yet. No Kohlers disease!! Phew. 
The dr said it would heal in about 3 weeks, that kids heal so quickly and they gave him a boot so that his leg would be stabilized and he could Ty to walk on it.  He wa excited about the boot. They told him it was just like Buzz Lightyear's. He doesn't know who that is but thought it was awesome anyway.
It has been a week and he is doing great. He doesn't really love wearing the boot but he gets to take it off for baths, sleep and swimming. He was okayed to continue swim lessons, and they said it would actually be really beneficial. His instructor, Shauna, at swim kids usa has been really great at working with him. I feel very blessed and grateful that he will be fine, that the power of the priesthood has blessed our lives and that Freddie is returning to his happy, active self.
It's kind of crazy because I have to take the stroller with us everywhere, have to carry him a lot and I have two crawling babes haha. But it won't be much longer. 
Love my sweet Frederick. Ps. We have started weaning!!!! I made the decision, found a blog entry of a woman who weaned while tandem nursing (complicates it!!!) and got some great ideas, and have stayed consistent. I'll write more about it as time goes on. It has been 4 days and he nurses specific times each day and though he gets emotional about it at least once a day, I feel right about this. It's the right time for us and we will both thrive. I love him so much! It's hard to think of life without nursing but exciting to think of my darling best friend growing up so fast. And he is. He is tall and big and smart and sweet and interesting and handsome and the most wonderful little guy. O

June 17, 2014

Freddie said......

(We were talking about Hattie being 6 months old)

Fred: How many months an I??

(After doing some math) me: you're 33 months old!

Fred: I'm going to go to the temple and be married!!!!!

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Not till you're much older I hope! 

Fred (In the bath, talking to his finding memo fish): "adelweiss, adelweiss, every morning you greet me...."(puts fish under) "no! Don't mess my zoo!" (Pulls him/her(?) out) "I cleaned my mother!!!!!" Then sets him on the side of the tub, "he has to go pee pee." 

(I'm usually putting Hattie to sleep so I don't usually get to do bath time with Fred but tonight things were different so I'm sitting there watching this whole thing and just cracking up!! Apparently this kind of stuff happens every night!!!)

Then he washed up his duck and told me all about how the wash cloth is pizza dough and how to cook it in the oven for 12 minutes and then the timer goes off, BEEP BEEP BEEP, and he takes it out and eats his pizza!!!!

Fred: I'm a little daddyo; you're a little Freddie 

(While I was taking a shower Fred watched spongebob square pants)...UPON my return....
Fred: MAMA!!!!!!! That big big big BIG hamburger is gonna get that square pants!!!

Fred: mommy mommy! I have to tell you something!!
Mom: what?! (I know where this is going)
Fred: I hurt my right leg at the splashpad!
Mom: oh no!!!! Did you go to the dr?? What did he say??

Mom: so what did you do at the store tonight? 
Fred:........(always love these thinking pauses---something good is coming)
.........we got a spiiiiiiccyyyyy drink for daaaaaaaaaaadddy!! 
Mom: oh boy....and did you have some?
Fred: just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit. 

June 15, 2014


Today is Father's Day!!!!!! We celebrated this weekend by camping up in flagstaff and having a great time together. Only a couple arguments!!!! Hehe. I love you Collin, so much!!!!! You're the best partner for me and the reason i married you is because I LOVE you. You make me happy!!! You're an amazing support to me in raising our little bannanagrams. Happy Father's Day!! 

My mom spoke in church today and we went to listen. It was a beautiful talk on how righteous priesthood holders have influenced her. She told a story of when two young righteous priesthood holders in the navy shared their testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ to another young man. That man had had a very hard upbringing..not known about by is father, unwanted by his mother, unloved by his adopted family. But his meeting the two righteous preistholders brought him to this church where he found peace, love, friendship. He found his wife. They were married in the temple and had 7 children; one of them was my mother. 
She said because of the priesthood (literally Gods power on earth), her father taught her the gospel, she taught her kids, and now her Nikki is teaching her children. It's so amazing how our choices effect eternity. It's also scary and sobering. I love you, mom. 

Another speaker talked about our Father in Heaven. He loves us. We are asked to fear him and it's doesn't mean to be afraid but to reverence and respect. That touched my heart. 

I love my own father very much. I'm so proud of him and his service and love for others. He thinks about and puts everyone above his own needs. 
I love my father in law too. I love how he taught my husband to be interested in things, to explore and create and ask questions. 


Pre-Father's Day waffles
Headed up north! Camping trip 2.0!

Hattie has a TOOTH!!!! She was showing signs a month or so ago with running nose and congestion but showed nothing in the last few days--besides the usual since birth putting everything in her mouth--

Not only did we not wear seatbelts once we got to the camp ground, but we let our 2 year old drive!!!! Hahahahha probably the FUNNIEST thing I've ever experienced. He was beyond excited and almost ran us into a bunch of trees and cars. 
Hattie eating dirt. That girl!!

It was so windy and we had the BEST TIME just playing in the tent. Hehe the kids would crack up any time the wind would blow the flap on the tent.bso cute and funny. 

I had a little walk in my own. There is something about flagstaff that moves me and speaks to my soul. It brings me so much peace to be there. 

Sunset crator!!!!! So amazing! These are lava flows!!!!! We were a few of the only people there. It was so gorgeous and enlightening and bonding for us. The kids loved it. Freddie hurt his foot so was in the stroller or carried in the ergo. I love that he can still ride in that thing. These volcanoes erupted in the year 1064!!

We talked geology and I was in love with the below plants. 
Best buds 
Nursing in nature. 

Awesome tree Collin took a pic of. 
This was wutpaki. We found out that we had entrance to it as well. It was after closing but there was no problem just going in and wandering around. We were the only ones there. So so beautiful and intimate. Amazing to realize that people lived here, and so long ago. So much of it is still there. And I love that there aren't any fences, ropes or boundaries. You walk right next to the ruins and touch them. 

Oh, daddyo!

This was insane!!! This GIANT crow landed right by our car and a bunch if little birds kept swooping down, attacking it! He wouldn't fly but just kept WALKING AWAY until he finally flew out of sight. After some research we found out that these crows like to eat meat and will steal eggs and hatchlings from nests. Once they claim a territory they are there to stay so the little birds do their best to run them out of town right away. Crazy! 
The moon! And Friday the 13th!!

Next morning! It was so cold but were for because we came prepared!!! All bundled up and almost every blanket we own. Still uncomfortable on the ground and we want to get a big thick pad for camping (not an air mattress) but as long as I'm warm, I'm good. 

We had breakfast at the place--very yummy and cutie Freddie commanded the crowd with his cute limp and "I slipped at the splash pad," story. He he. 

Then off to see Joe!!! He got asked to play with the varsity football team (as an incoming sophomore). We weren't sure if he'd get any playing time but he did and scored a touchdown!!! He's such a sweet uncle and loves holding Hattie and Freddie (not usually at once and was like HELP ME!) but I love how he loves them. 

He's he only blonde one and the tallest. 
Horseshoe trying at Riordan mansion. Fred got his jr ranger badge from there and found out about jar openers, the old house, got to eat some cookies and hear the flagstaff band play the Star-Spangled Banner. It was the 200th anniversary of the song and at that moment (1pm--4pm EST) bands all over the country played it at the same time! So cool. 

The house was used by family members well into the 70s! They still used the old original appliances. They let Collin and Fredrick play the piano this was a wedding gift in the early 1900s. 

Kaelir's 2nd bday party back in Phx. It was Frozen themed. 
Collin and I ran over to see maleficent for a late night showing while Fred slept at my moms. It was a great time seeig it but we didn't like the movie. It was a great first 1/3rd for me but the rest was no good to us. The pacing was strange, no climax, horrible acting by Elle...it was hurt missing something. We thought Jolie was excellent in it though. We just love being in the theatre regardless. We don't get to go as often these days and it's so much fun. Hattie slept through it!!

Father's Day morning!!!!! "Let's grill!!!" -Fred 
She loves her Gpa---just doesn't want anyone but mama!

(Group texts!) Joe and Dave were in Provo right before Joe went to football camp at byu. 
Father's Day mouse pad.