February 28, 2016

I'm in big trouble. ;)

These days Fred doesn't need a nap. He's fine without one. He will have one every once in a blue moon. But Hattie. Hattie needs one. That girl NEEDS her sleep. Needs 11-12 hours at night PLUS her 1-2 during the day....but she has pretty much been refusing them in general lately. (Also! (And most likely the naps have stopped because) awe haven't nursed in forever! She never asks anymore and it's so strange but she has really led this. Actually she randomly asked this morning for the first time in weeks and I said, "sure, just have a little bit." Those big sweet round blue eyes looked up at me so lovingly and familiarly as she had 'wonky,' and it was wonderful......BUT HURT LIKE *%#**^{}#, so we had to stop. But she is easily distracted with having something to eat instead so no prob. Haha. I fully and happily expect her to start nursing again when the milk all comes back with the baby.)
Ok so random nursing tangent but back to naps-----
Me. I also need a nap during the day. Between 12-2pm I'm completely exhausted and just a 30-40 minute nap helps so much. Honestly, I'll take even just 20 minutes. There's no exhaustion for me like there is pregnancy exhaustion. I'll take newborn exhaustion over it any day. But my 2 little stinkers either won't let me sleep because they want me to read to them and I'll get a book in the face, or someone rushes in and onto my face, with a request, comment or concern.
I try to talk to them, "please. Please my children. Please let mama sleep. I will be happier. Nicer. Have more energy to do fun things and go places and play....cook you food...even STAND or open my eyes!!!"
But always, "mother, no. You don't need this. Or we don't care or we aren't listening and we want to DANCE ON YOUR FACE!!" 
Actually Freddie is fine when Hattie sleeps but here's the problem....when they actually let me sleep....it's because SERIOUS, consequential mischief is afoot. Like, cutting something important into a million pieces or nail polish painting which of course is almost everywhere including their hands and feet and faces or POOP all over an entire room. IM SERIOUS. THIS HAPPENED. 
So what's a mama to do? I have to sleep but I think I'm going to have to figure out a way to do it without the house collapsing. Or worse. 😱😂😂😂😂
Ah motherhood. So fun. Hehe.


Exhausted face with nail polish on it. 

February 21, 2016

2nd Nephi 9:4
For I know that ye have searched much, many of you, to know of things to come; wherefore I know that ye know that our flesh must waste away and die; nevertheless, in our bodies we shall see God.

Freddie, at 4 years old, has expressed to us his fear of death. What a horrible feeling I had. An empty dark pit in my stomach, having my beloved child scared, trying as best I could to comfort him with words, praying that he will feel the spirit and not worry about it, knowing he can't really understand right now. But this scripture gives me hope. I know that no matter what, even if he doesn't get it right now, this is true. He will feel the love of God throughout his life and while in his body he will come to know God and the truth. And one day I will die and someday my little son will die. But I have faith that we will go somewhere warm and beautiful and happy and comforting and be with God and know him face to face. There is nothing to fear. 

10 O how great the goodness of our God, who prepareth a way for our escape from the grasp of this awful monster; yea, that monster, death and hell, which I call the death of the body, and also the death of the spirit.

February 20, 2016

Bug and bug.

Being silly together. Their favorite thing ever these days. 

She's a dream. 

This one too. 

February 17, 2016

Kicks and growing

I was growing bigger and rounder and as I prepare to enter my 3rd trimester I was starting to feel large and uncomfortable. Then I felt all those kicks. Bigger, harder, stronger, more frequent. And I just felt so happy. Every time I feel a kick I feel happy and connected and thankful. When I read to Frederick and Harriet, H asks me to pull up my shirt so they can snuggle me and my belly. We snuggle together, already 4, and they play or laugh or yell or cry or fight or talk or sing and the babe in my tummy jumps and kicks and plays too. Ah this is going to be good. (Hard yes I'm sure!!! But so good.)

This is outside the library after story time. It's a little chilly today and overcast but still no coats and I'm wearing short sleeves. They were whispering and planning a play together in which they made me spin and jump and spin and jump and stop. 

Curiouser and curiouser

 I love my adorable, fun, silly, sweet, unique, strong children. And so cold too. 
We visited the Museum of Natural Curiosity last week for the first time!! It was AMAZING. So much to do, well-kept and clean, creative, interesting, challenging. It was a real adventure. We spent 6 hours there!!!! Can't wait to go back again some day. 
Freddie surprising me and being so brave climbing all over the jungle. 
The favorite of the day☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
With cousins Harper and Emerson. 
2 year olds getting along! Miracles!! Ps have I mentioned how into capes Hattie is????? She called them her super why or to the rescue. She loves to save the day. 
He went up two giant rope ladders. Conquering fears!!!
Went up and down this about 100 times⬇️⬇️⬇️

Playing a very convincing Captain Hook. 

Cool time in this quiet, thinking and experiencing activities room. 

Ice Castles

It felt like we were in the movie Frozen the other night as we explored ice caves, slides and walkways. It helped to have let it go and other instrumental music from the movie playing and the 15-20 degree weather of course. What a fun freezing night it was! Freddie loved every moment of it, Harriet tolerated it and kept her warm clothes on, and we loved watching them. Fred went down the smaller slide about 20 times and waited in line for the big slide all the way to the top before deciding he didn't want to go down. I was really proud of him for trying. He got a little upset before leaving because he didn't want to go and "would miss this place too much." My sensitive guy. We talked about enjoying everything as much as possible and till the very last minute and then saying goodbye and just being glad we did it. He's wonderful. And I don't blame him one tiny bit. 

Babes wearing their babes

My friend sent Freddie this carrier when Hattie was born and then sent one for Hattie for when the new baby is born. They love them so much. Hattie is such a little mama every day to all her "babies, dollies, mickeys, mamas, and ponies." Freddie loves wearing, kissing, holding, shaking and throwing the baby dolls. 
Hehe I love them. 

February 6, 2016

Babe!!! My girl!

Hattie: I'm Elsa and Ana, mama. 
Me: can I be one of them? 
H: no, I be Elsa and Ana. You be poop. 
M: aw. :(
H: ok you be Ana, mama. I don't want you to be poop. 

Thanks daughter. I love you, gorgeous funny one. 

February 5, 2016

Grandma visits

My mom came in for the weekend last week. It was a fun snowy time. Collin and I got to go on two dates while my mom bathed and put the kids to bed and it was fantastic. I really felt relief from daily routine and got a nice break. The kids adore their Grammy and bring her book after book and won't let her nap. Haha. Poor G. It was a jam-packed weekend. 

Excited to go to the airport!!!
Serious aviator. 

Hehehehhe baby hands w fake nails. 
Fun piano bar downtown. They played I Got You Babe for us. 

Fun time at the children's museum. 

HAHAHHAAHHA this girl!!!

They love each other so much!!!!! So bonded. 

There was a snow storm all day Saturday: my moms dream come true. But with it came super dangerous roads and no hot springs. Oh well!!

We went swimming at the community pool.  So fun. 
And sledding w dad. 

Love this kid. He's up for any adventure. 
She's awesome. Lasted 2 minutes to hen wanted to go in. 

Had the greatest family dinner Sunday night. 

Love this family. 

On our way to the Provo city center temple open house. It was one of the nose unique beautiful temples I've ever seen. 

Our dear friend Jayden and her three kids came too. Freddie was crazy adorable w her youngest and was playing peek a boo, making her laugh. He is so ready to be a big brother again.  
Unfortunately her darling 2 year old son got sick and had to go to the hospital right after this. It was so scary and sad. But she was strong and we felt the spirit that families are forever. Thankfully he will be ok!!! 

Me at about 25 weeks with babe #3. 
Grammy and Hat, Jan 2016. 
Fell asleep dropping her off at the airport. Always. Success.