March 31, 2014

Expectations vs reality. Babies.

We were supposed to clean up the house including folding and putting away the mountain of laundry in two different rooms tonight after babies went to bed. Collin always falls asleep when putting Freddie to bed. He's asleep now and Hattie has been nursing for an HOUR so I'm stuck!! Life w babies, mayn! :)

March 27, 2014

Evening walk and park

These past couple of weeks have been awesome!! Birthdays, parties, birthday parties! Super busy mostly every day. Plus Fred has woken up crying in the middle of the night the past two nights. Ahhhhhhgggg. Tough stuff. I've been so tired. Well today we decided to do nothing. We woke up/sort of. And ate/nursed A LOT and made pizza for lunch and all napped a very long time and then woke up and went for a walk! Phoenix is so beautiful right now. My kids are beautifuller...I mean, not fuller...

The Evening Walk starring Rad Red Fred,
Bad Mama, 
& lil Shoogie

March 25, 2014

30 years

Last week I turned 30!!! I had been absolutely dreading it but a friend told me to embrace it! That 30 is the new 20!! And honestly I feel young. I feel like the best times are ahead. I'm loving life right now, loving bring a family of four, loving being a mom. It's definitely hard at times but as I realize that the difficult things will pass and that this stage in life is so short and precious, it brings gratitude.

Plus my family spoiled me rotten. Woke up to these party animals...

March 23, 2014

Good things

Photos that make me happy from around the web...

March 22, 2014

An after life

'sometimes when I am alone I go into my bedroom and take off my shoes and look at my feet and think, "is it him?"'
-David Grossman, Falling out of Time.

This man is so insightful and has so much pain, wisdom, healing behind his words, yet he says he is a nonbeliever and that he cannot draw comfort from the idea of an afterlife. I can't understand this. 

Today at church I led the lesson in Mia Maids (young women ages 14-15) on the subject of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I felt deeply that I know that this is real- that our Savior is Jesus Christ and that he atoned and suffered for us and felt every pain, embarrassment, loneliness, and hurt from sin that we have and will feel. Then he sacrificed his life for us but after 3 days rose from the dead, his spirit and body reunited for forever. I know he did this and that we will also be resurrected someday, after we leave this world, and our bodies will be perfect. I know this means I will live forever with my family and friends if I am faithful. I know this means my Savior and Heavenly Father love me immensely. I know that I want to be more unselfish, more serving, more grateful, as Christ is. I find much hope in the thought of the life after this one. 

Stripes family!! (I think it's all we own)

March 21, 2014

My Freddie

Hahahahha I love this little buddy of mine. Happy Friday!!! This weekend we're getting our favorite waffles, from waffle crush, and going to a wedding tonight!! We love weddings so much--especially when there's a giant dance party--which there will be. I'm getting down w my babies and man. We also want to start spring cleaning!! Byyyyyyeeeeeee!
Love is an open door!

March 20, 2014


ArTaFor Presidents' Day this past February, Collin and Freddie and little Hattie and I took off down south a little while to explore Casa Grande and the national monument. We love family road trips!!! 
"I want all the way down!" (Always!!) --Freddie 

This was Hattie's first time in the ergo. 

My two ones 

This was the start of the, "working his job in the dirt." (He tells me this every time he plays in the dirt, rocks or sand.)

Another junior ranger achievement! This man was so cute. He had Freddie raise his right hand and repeat a junior ranger oath back to him. Fred took it super seriously. 


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