September 30, 2013

Our little Frederick turned 2 years old!!!

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 8:55 pm, Frederick Ian Smith slipped into the world, into our arms, and into our lives for eternity. On Wednesday, Septmeber 18th, of this year, he turned 2 years old!!!!!!!!!! We, of course, celebrated!!!!!

It's kind of funny with a two year old and big events. They are so much more aware and by the end of the day he was all about the HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE! but they still don't get it enough to really get it. Which is kind of's not as much pressure!!! We all woke up, sang happy birthday, and had his favorite breakfast...eggs and BACON! He got to talk to lots of family and friends! Grandma came and we visited Grandpa at work.

my little monster!!!!!

September 28, 2013

30 weeks

Here is me at 30 weeks pregnant yesterday. I feel pretty much awesome. (thanks E.H.!) I can't believe its going so fast, just like Fred growing up. And getting older. There are so many incredible things coming up soon. Freddie and I were taking about them at the park today. First of all, it's been such nice weather that we stayed at the park for like two hours today instead of 30 minutes. Also there's general conference, Halloween, pumpkin patches, the state fair, Thanksgiving, having the baby!!!, Christmas, new years 2014!??!, Lulu and pops coming to visit!! We are going to make a super awesome timeline with these and more exiting things to look forward to.
My brother, AJ, was visiting for the past couple weeks and on his last night here, we all went to the movie Austenland. It was so silly and funny; we had a great time. Fred was asleep when we went and we were hoping he would just stay asleep like the good old days, but he woke up at the first preview and was awake and alert and interested for the entire movie. Oh boy.
And check out this guy who cut Freds hair the other day. He was like...ok I don't get along with kids. Haha. We were like ummmm....ok. But it all worked out. This kids has had about 5 hair cuts in the last year; his hair grows so fast.
Lastly, I like to take baths and practice hypnobirthing while Freddie naps and my Kitties love to keep me company. Life is good.

September 26, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to St George, Utah. Southern Utah was INCREDIBLE!!!! Freddie was so good the whole was there. He was super happy. We would sing and talk and look outside, and let him play with the tablet for a while to keep him happy. We also had an activity box with paper and a few colored pencils, some cars, books and other toys. It worked well. We also went over all the names of his little cousins that would be there. There were going to be 4 other boys all between the ages of 2-4.

September 23, 2013

The weather; the times; the life; the mind

Beautiful day today. Uh oh, it's happening. Every year around this time it starts getting gorgeous and cool and it's Halloween (my favorite holiday), and we drive with the windows open and walk to all the antique shops and love Phoenix and forget how miserable summer is. Well man, it's getting really nice out. This morning was 84 and we went to our favorite park and sat in the grass and watched the airplanes land. Then friends came to join us and Frederick was in heaven with all the kids around. He loves playing and being with "friends."
I love being with other adults! This summer was hard and lonely/depressing at times because we had to stay in doors so much with the heat + pregnancy. Plus everyone was so busy. But with the nice weather will come much more to do.

I'm so excited for this season, getting ready for Christmas and our next baby and Collins family visiting. I feel very happy right now. And with that and some photos, dot and I are going to nap. Fred is down for the count.

More blog posts soon on our trip to St George and Freddie's second birthday!

September 21, 2013

maternity look book (i wish)

If I had money I'd wear this. But really...$318 for a sweater?! Oh boy. It's all very interesting and gorgeous though huh.


September 17, 2013

Tonight: last, first.

Tonight Frederick got so hyper before bedtime while riding around on his dads back, making his shape people dance, giving his dad rides on HIS back, and marching around singing "Choo choo choo." We were laughing so hard! He has such a great funny personality. The baby in my belly was kicking so hard! He or she wanted too get out and play with us! Then we calmed down by singing a few more songs and reading a couple books. He picked two since he will be two years old tomorrow. I know, it's hard to believe that he has been in our lives for two years, that 2 years ago, he wiggled his way into the world and here he is, jumping, running, talking, laughing, reciting, doing things all by himself, and every once in a while still showing he needs me. Collin read to him and I got all sentimental about his last night as a one year old.
Happy birthday my Frederick Ian. I love you. I love your dad! I am so excited to continue experiencing life with you. I can't wait to see you become a big brother. I'll need you're help!
Love, mama.

September 5, 2013

Bugs and babies

Worst thing in my life. It's the time of year for bugs. I can't kill em or squish them or anything and Collin wasn't home so I drowned it with scalding hot water till its body ripped in half. Poor jerk. These two were fascinated. Monte just played then left. Great job, hunter. 

Children's museum with three of my favorite people. Look how big Freddie is!

Bus ride to our appointment at blossom yesterday. It was a strange hot one. We hasn't taken the train or bus in a while and Fred loved it. It's always fun on the way there but horrible, miserable, hot forever on the way back. 

"Rock a bye baby on the tree tops." So sweet, big brother Fred, till the bough breaks and he throws the baby overhand back into the cradle. 
The appointment was good. I took my sugar test, I'm measuring right on (so there all you idiots who keep telling me, WOW, you're huge!!!), I have to practice having Fred climb up to me instead of me picking him up from now on, and we discussed Fred coming to the birth. Collin and I want him there but we will be flexible, like if its in the middle of the night and he's asleep, or if anything else happens and it's not comfortable to have him in there. But I'm a very calm and quiet labor & birther and he's a pretty even tempered guy. Plus I know everything will be even more smooth this time. It would ve a great experience to have him a part of this miracle. We will go with the flow and I think it will all work out great. We have been watching animal and human births and talking lots to prepare for this great event and all the big changes to follow. 

Hey didi dot.