June 30, 2011

kendra turns 27, visits, and popsicles!!

Joseph Money and I made popsicles. We said, "It's summer! We need popsicles!"

Three different kinds on the menu: Strawberry lemon zest, Lime-strawberry, and orange-pineapple. They had to freeze for  forever. More on this later.

Then the kitties both fell sleep with me. A cat-lover's dream come true. My three babes.

KENDRA! Smith! She's moving down south of us to be near husband in the National Guard, so stopped by.  Her birthday was the day before, so she got a DELICIOUS and pretty cake: Strawberry lemon vanilla made by ME!!!!! :) I was very proud.

And we busted out the popsicles.

Verdict: orange-pineapple was amazing delicious. Lime-strawberry was DISGUSTING and the other was alright. (other opinions varied.)

The kitties had to be separated last night because they've been keeping us up every night with their running around, chasing each other, play fighting (all on a wood floor so it's magnified.) I slept well, finally.

Anybody watch SYTYCD last night? It's our favorite show. My top favorite dances last night: Clarice and Jess (I don't care if Jess is weird-looking. He is INCREDIBLE. I love watching him dance!!!), Jordan and Tadd (bedroom dance), and Melanie and Marko (SOOO GOOD!)

June 28, 2011

good words in the morning

be humble and teachable
be without guile or deceit

and receive of the spirit, even the comforter, which shall manifest the truth of all things.

D&C 124:97

June 27, 2011

Camp Champs

Last week Joseph went to BYU basketball camp. He had the best time! He told us over the phone that his team got second overall, but that it was close. Then when we picked him up from the airport (he flew all by himself for the first time!!!!) he had a shirt on that said, "CAMP CHAMPS!" HE TRICKED US! They had won FIRST place!!!!!!!! Hahahahha, what a Money. He also got 2nd at the 3-point contest!

 (i know we forgot the line across. sillies.)

So proud of this kid, but not just because he's a winner, because he is a great guy and hard worker. I love him! I love all my brothers and siblings-in-law so much. I'm so grateful that my little whats-his or her-name is going to have such amazing uncles and aunts. They will be great examples. BTW, he/she is moving SO MUCH and getting SO BIG that you can see it all through my tummy!!! It's crazy!!! I need to get a video.

Joseph at Sundance:

June 25, 2011

ACK!!!! What to DO?!

Found two perfect places and they are TOTALLY OPPOSITE! They are each perfect for us for different reasons, but which reasons are the most important reasons and which should we choose??? What will be best for CollikkiMondoBabe???? We will...






And I'm confident that we'll come up with the best choice. YAyayayayaya!

ALSO! Perfect day for a swim. Good bye!

June 23, 2011

MAZES at AZ Science Center!!!

My Mom, her sister, Susan, and I went to the az science center again today. While I was at my prenatal appt, they saw the Tahiti 3D movie which is AWESOME (and I usually hate 3D movies. This is just so well-done and interesting.) Then I joined them and we went through MAZES and Forces of Nature. It was so much fun. I feel like such a happy kid when I'm there. 


Me....finally made it out the MAZE of illusion.

Yes, I'm really huge, but notice my back is super arched. How do I get it to stop? It hurts! More yoga.

the storm simulator is so cool. Wind, rain, heat, lava, hurricanes, earthquakes, lightening. YIKES!!!!


Ps. My camera is SOOO possessed and so bad. We are going to get a new one before the birth. Then I'll get back to taking lots of pictures again.

Blossom Birth Center Photos

Finally took some photos of the birth center at our appointment today.
My mom's sister from FL is visiting so they came and checked it out, too.
Another great appointment. I did the Glucose test today. 
So much anticipation because I have always heard about
how nasty it is. But they make their own...it's basically
just super sugary water. It wasn't so bad! 

They keep giving me videos to watch to prepare me for 
birth. I'm really getting into the squatting. 

Anyone give birth squatting or know anyone who did?

Dottie is just laying in my lap as I type right now and 
man, she's super cute. SUPER CUTE.

Photos of Blossom

1st birth suite:

2nd birth suite: I love the window; reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Kitchen area:

Isn't it pretty? Man, I just love it and I love the people who work there. The heartbeat was SO loud and strong this time!!! I finally get my 20 week ultrasound next week (at 28.5 weeks, hehe, due to moving, insurance change, etc) and I can't wait!

June 20, 2011


My sweet baby daddy after a sweet father's day. Collin and I both spoke in church, and it was nerve-racking for me, but ended up going well and I'm glad I had the opportunity. I spoke on how worshiping God brings knowledge and faithfulness, which allows us to overcome trials and anything life throws at us. It gives me comfort because I know that any situation can be a positive lesson. Collin spoke on how worship brings peace. God is a god of love and peace. Collin started his talk with saying that he's honored to join the ranks of fatherhood and that that is what we have all had since the beginning of time: a loving father.

My favorite scripture: Acts 17:28 says, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.” And in the verse before it says, “that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us."

After church we all had a great dinner. Dad requested his mom's chicken
and red jello. Collin requested real macaroni and cheese. Then we had 
angel food cake and strawberries. Yum. 

THEN PRESENTS! Monte and Dot got Collin the ties.
Babe and I got him the book. 

I love fathers. Heavenly Father, earthly father, father-in-law,
fathers-to-be, future fathers, father of our ward (bishops, so loving, 
who have greatly impacted my life), and father figures. 

AND IN BABE NEWS: I'm starting 28 weeks today! THIRD trimester!!! WoWCHA!!! 
It's all coming quickly and still no place to live! IIEEEE! It'll happen though! We've been
looking at tons of places and I just know we'll find the perfect place for us!!

June 18, 2011

I feel so supported and loved by friends, family, husband (most of all.)

I've been really cranky lately, and I don't wanna do that anymore.

I am so weird, but I am so accepted. That's amazing right there.

Love, Nems

Happy Father's day tomorrow. :) :)

June 17, 2011


it all started when Dot jumped into this bag. cute.

But that's totally Monte's thing! Jumping into bags and being cute and excited! So I found him one, too. It was a little small, but he loved it. Monte is so big now!!!!

So then bossy little dot decided she wanted Monte's bag. stolen! Poor Monte, the big brother.

Well, he decided he'd just take hers, then.
But then they both got way too excited and started play fighting, which turns into Dot going WAY too far and Monte getting frustrated because she won't calm down, and then him getting her in a headlock and biting her feet and her using her super sharp kitten claws on his face. Geeze louise.

June 16, 2011

gender neutral baby clothes are fun.

Hehe, makes me laugh:

"You're not finding out the sex? But then how will you know what to buy for clothes?"

me, bewildered: Does everyone only dress their boys in all blue and girls in all pink and frills? What in the world? Well if they do then I'm just going to go out on a limb and be different. :) :)

Colors that any child can wear: yes, green and yellow. But orange? red? blue? tan? brown? gray? darks and lights and bolds and brights in all of these? animals? mom/dad/grandpa loves me shirts? Add a bow: girl. Even if I were finding out and not being surprised I wouldn't want only pink or only blue. That would be boring.

Am I missing something here? Haha, it's just too funny that people think I'm nuts about not finding out the sex due to figuring out what color to dress the little babe in. I think we'll just be naked for the first 2 months. Then I'll know if he's a boy or she's a girl and I can totally purchase those frills or that 3-piece suit. (i kid, i kid.)

Finding out the sex is a very new thing, though! Most of our mother's didn't even have a choice and they did alright! :) :)
PS. I'm in NO way putting anyone down for finding out. I definitely understand why people do! Makes perfect sense! I just think it's fun waiting. That just Collin and me :)

Examples of cute gender neutral stuff. Old Navy.

June 14, 2011

sometimes, there are days, when you just aren't sure.
(illustration: sandra juto)

June 13, 2011

pool party, baby

it was a cool party. Cool pool party, la la la la.

Anne hosted the best pool party this weekend. Sun, friends, salmon burgers, grilled fruit and CORN, and amazing root beer floats! There were games. There were SWEET TRICKS. There was a gigantic inflated beach ball that ended up over the neighbor's wall. It was a great day. 

Aaron, commanding the puppies:

These hot dogs were so good.

Anne doing Thriller dance. She's incredible!

And to end it all, Anne brought out her telescope and showed us Saturn!!! It was beautiful! We saw the rings and everything!