June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

BACK From Camp!

I had such nerve-racking feelings as I left my sweet husband for Camp Misty Mountain (about 45 minutes away, but still no cell-phone reception) with a bunch of girls ages 11-15 that I didn't know at all. Was this right? I'd loved camp those many years ago, but the years were 9, to be exact. I felt like a school girl all over again, shy and insecure, but this time not so insecure and forced myself to introduce myself to everyone. I remembered that I'm fun and funny. I have a lot of friends. People like me. It was scary being reminded of that world, long ago, when I didn't believe in any of this. Anyway, after the awkward beginnings, the girls warmed up to me, were so excepting, kind, inclusive. First year, Tiffany, told me I'm awesome. I told her that SHE is awesome. She said I HAD to say that. But I didn't. She really is one of the sweetest humans ever. Their smiles and testimonies made the week wonderful. (And somewhat bearable, away from Smith. We've been away before but it gets HARDER each time! I ached for him--the person who understands me, loves me, and accepts me unconditionally.)

Here is my set up. Tiny little cot. I am the type to yell when I see bugs--YELL for SMITH to get it out! (And lately, if it's on MY turf, to KILL it!) But all living creatures became no big deal. EVEN A WOLFE SPIDER that was the BIGGEST NASTIEST HAIRIEST thing I'd ever seen.

I taught them all my camp knowledge. Like the cup game. So fun.
Me with Trishi and Samantha.

These are my 2nd years (my primary responsibility) in charge of the flag ceremony. They did a great job. Claudia (pink shirt) sang Amazing Grace in front of the crowd. Her voice was timid, and had a great spirit! I love these ladies. Willing to do any good thing asked of them. :)

Did you know that teenage girls stay up ALL night talking to each other and playing MARRY, BEST FRIENDS, KILL??? I would wake up periodically and say, "No killing anyone," and then fall back asleep. Great leader, I was. Marisol gave me ear plugs for the next night. THANK YOUUU!

Lasagna dutch-oven dinner. This was DELICIOUS! All the burnt, deliciousness, cheesy, ground beef, everything, YUM!.

I Feel My Savior's Love in all the World Around Me.
His spirit warms my soul in everything I see.
He knows I will follow him, give all my life to him.
I feel my Savior's love, the love he freely gives me.

I made this gem. My hair is different colors everyday. It is so red right now.

Look at this beautiful Dr. Suessian plant! Whoville might be on there!

You + me = Us!
This was the moon after the most beautiful and inspiring testimony meeting. Every testimony was pure, short, honest, heart-felt, and true. I wrote so many pages of notes as I was touched by the spirit. These young women truly taught with love. They are strong and amazing people.

I French-braided SO many heads!! My FAVORITE THING EVER! And painted nails! I love being girly even though I don't seem so. I braided Claudia's BRAIDS. It was awesome.

I look insanely sweaty because I WAS insanely sweaty. It was SO sweaty and hot the whole time. I'd shower in the cold water and feel good for about 30 minutes, then back to sweaty. I LOVE AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!! I love the S'mores and the S'mores pictures.
Last late-night S'mores Thursday night. We all said we didn't really feel like 'em, but all ended up roasting and eating. YUM. I love the woods.

I thank my Heavenly Father for these wonderful experiences and for letting me come home to Collin Friday afternoon. BUT he wasn't home! He got a temp job from that day till the following (this) Friday, yay! He left me the sweetest note I've ever received on the door step. I cleaned up, put things away, and then SLEPT. And then woke up to LOVE LOVE LOVE.

June 21, 2010


5+ months later we've finally unpacked the last box and unwrapped the last picture. It was kind of awesome to see them all laid out on the ground. PLUS we have about 6 large framed pictures/pieces of art. Lots of stuff to hang! We hope to get it and everything done before my family gets here next Wednesday the 30th.

NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Mom, Dad, Joe, AJ! (David, Sneek and Mickey in spirit)

Friday night we BBQed in the backyard with neighbors, Tais & Rob.

This IS the best burger I've EVER EVER EVER HAD. Every part of it contributed to the deliciousness.
s'mores by coals? not so great.

We finished the night with CLUE! I WON!

Next morning, BRIGHT & EARLY! We celebrated the Washington DC Stake 70th Anniversary by cleaning up the National Mall. I started off the morning by stepping in vomit at the metro, but by 1pm, we were eating apples and heath bars, mmmmm.
Simply Limeade and Raspberry Lemonade popsicles. TO DIE FOR!

Alright! I'm off to GIRL'S CAMP tomorrow! I'm exited/nervous as I LOVED Girl's Camp growing up and went all 6 years but also seeing as how that was LONG LONG AGO, in a galaxy FAR FAR away. Wish me luck! I'll miss you Smith! You and those runnin' dreams.

June 20, 2010

To the men in my life...

Happy Father's day!
to a perfect Heavenly Father who knows me personally.

...to a father-in-law who loves me as his own!

...to a Dad who knows how to PARTY!
I love my Dad. He's taught me everything. I am who I am because of him.

....and to a husband who will be the best Dad ever!!! He's the King of my Castle.

I love Dads!

June 17, 2010

Back on the hunt

So friends, just to let you know, Collin is back on the job hunt. He was let go because the small company he was working for could no longer fund his position.

But it really is a blessing. Overall, he wasn't happy there; it wasn't a good fit.

But let me tell ya, it was a shock for both of us, and humbling! He called while I was at work. He told me and my first thought was, "good thing we have our savings." Then I felt immediate calm and peace, knowledge that we'll be okay. Never once have I felt fear or anything negative--miracle in-of itself, right?

Honestly, I'm so grateful for the Prophet's guidance and the commandment to have a savings and food storage. :) But don't worry about us; we'll be juuuuust fine! He will be paid through the next few weeks, I still have my job, and he is already on with some temp agencies.

Collin and I have both learned so much from this experience...(& I'm positive there's quite a lot of learning left to go). He needs to be involved in something creative, and have ownership in his work. AND not have a 2.5 hour commute, thank GOODNESS that is over!!

Basically, we are happy; we know this is Heavenly Father's plan for us; we know there is something better out there for Collin, and we look at this as yet another ADVENTURE!

Collin, I love you my best friend, darling, husband, lover, hardest-worker, creative, interesting, wonderful, amazing man.

June 16, 2010

Dad Money and Mom Smith birthdays in June

Happy Birthday, ya old fogies

Got engaged about two years ago...

We were looking through these engagement shots from September 2008. Isn't Leo Patrone amazing?

Darn, I miss my long hair.

June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010

To Princess Lollipop

(That's me)
Thanks Smith.

PS. Medicine is a miracle from God.
PPS. I've watched A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back in the last few days. Return of the Jedi, here I come tomorrow.

June 13, 2010

Changing things up

We're doing some deep cleaning and rearranging. Hope it looks better than this when we're done!

In other news, I'm sick. Super super death sick. I was sick Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, and Saturday, but I just kept on going to work, going to friends' houses, ignoring it and pretending my body would reject it and it'd go away.

I even ignored it last night as my sinuses attacked all the way through dinner at our neighbors' house. Then we got home and everything hit. I had a horrible fever. We retired to bed and I made it through most of Michael Jackson's This is It (which is very good, by the way.)

I had to stay home from church today. Sad. But at least I got the time off work and get to go to GIRL'S CAMP! Yahoo!!!

June 12, 2010

Fondu Colki

DELICIOUS! Fondu dinner with new friends, Natalie and Marc!
My favorite was the cheese appetizer.

Yummy French drinks.
Chicken, steak, shrimp and veggies with all the sauces.
My man.
I forgot to take a picture of dessert! Of course it was chocolate with cake (crazy blondies I made that did not turn out right but tasted like cake so that's what I'll call it), strawberries and pineapple! YUM!
This is me waiting for the bus to take me to work. I want to go back to sleep in bed with husband snoozy face.