December 31, 2012


Two days ago on Facebook there was a quote that said mothers sacrifice for their babies and I "liked" it, posting it on my own page. I guess a few people took it offensively, and posted their feelings on it, one being an Aunt of mine. She got it all out. Then others responded to the first person, escalating with more offense, angry replies, and more people involved on each side. It hurt me that people would think I'd be so judgmental of them; that people on either side would set aside any thought of how this would effect my relationships with family members; and most of all, that my Facebook page would be a forum for such judgement, intolerance, hurtful sarcasm (all is hurtful in my opinion) or even hate. ---especially when all I was doing (in my mind) was agree that all mothers sacrifice and that motherhood is a beautiful and wondrous thing.
I've seen this behavior over and over on fb, especially since the election, people using other peoples' posts to get out their frustrations, not caring about the hurt or offense they might cause others. That's the point of the Internet, right? You can say anything you want without having consequence??? (not really but we are made to feel that way, invincible for a time.) I myself, am no where near free from being guilty of this, sadly. I'm doing it even now. I guess it's the world we live in.
Then last night, after fretting about how to delete the post altogether, I found out that a childhood friend's husband passed away Friday morning, after a long fight with brain cancer, leaving her and two daughters. Then i thought of my own cousin who Iost her 4th child during birth, Christmas morning. It sickened me to think of the real suffering that's going on for these women and all over the world while we are wrapped up in fb, creating more stress for ourselves. I don't hold anything against anyone involved in my post, but I decided to leave Fb once and for all, and deleted my account. Those kinds of things seem monumentous, but they really aren't.
I will still post opinions, here on this blog, where I think it's more appropriate....mostly because very few people actually read this, that I know of. Comments and differing opinions are welcome, but my hope is that the mean ones will be left elsewhere. This is intended to be a space for a love of babies, family, animals, adventure, spirituality, the experiences of a first time mother/parent, pictures, food, and creativity.
Happy New Year.
And, by the way, I'm so touched and inspired by the faith shown by both of the beautiful women i mentioned above who have lost so deeply. They seem so prepared and hopeful. They are both in my prayers and on my mind.

December 28, 2012

Fisherman's Wharf, monterey

Saw cute historic buildings, sea lions, tried clam chowder from every restaurant on the pier (which got gross after a while), had a v white chocolate macadamia nut caramel apple, and breathed in that fresh seafood air. Frederick loved the sights, people, and falling asleep in the carrier on my back.


The Monterey Aquarium

Best time ever tonight at the aquarium in monterey! Feed was obsessed with running from gigantic tank to gigantic tank, seeing, waving to, and even talking with the fish. It was totally beautiful and romantic in there. The lighting was wonderful. <br>
After seeing all the awesome fish and sharks, touching and holding tons of different kinds of seaweed, star fish, and even feeling a slimy cute mantra ray, we walked around the board walk type downtown, enjoyed the breeze and ocean air, and ate a Napoleon pastry (best thing I've ever had EVER,) rated drinking chocolate at Ghiradelli, then had some delicious french fries to balance it all out. The streets and shops remind me of Galway, Ireland.
Super fun family outing!

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

I love my family. I love my Savior.

December 20, 2012

dear fred

Dear America's Taco Shop, we're obsessed with you. (Fred's favorite food is beans.)

Dear Santa, Fred's afraid of you, unless you give him a candy cane.

Dear mannequin, nice to meet ya!

Dear Cookies. Dear dear cookies. And snotty daddy face.

beautiful temple

Frederick n puppets


Making out with self

December 14, 2012

Today there was a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut that took the lives of many young children. It's so horrifying that these things keep happening. It kills me to think of those little ones, so scared. I know the ones who lost their lives are with God. But my hurt and prayers are for the families left behind and the ones who had to experience such terror and hatred. I love my little darling, my best friend, my Frederick. I love cuddling him, playing with him, watching him grow. So thankful for every second with him, and that I know we are a family forever.
My babies:

Cuddling right now after I nursed Fred to dreamland: