August 26, 2015


Freddie's first day on his own of "school!"

Freddie is doing the Let's Play Music program this year. Its disigned for PK aged kids to learn about music in depth. I've heard amazing things about this program and we are so excited. 
It's just once per week, And a great way for us to ease into him going to pre-K next year. 
Parents attend every other week. 
Today before class, Freddie was so nervous. He said his stomach hurt and he was scared to go alone. We talked about it and said a prayer. I was nervous, too, for different reasons. I wanted him to be happy and learn a lot. I was hoping he wouldn't talk out of turn or get in trouble and would make friends. 
Anyway, I dropped him off and he was so excited, he didn't even look back. Hattie cried and I had some joyful tears too. I know it's not a big deal, but he's growing up and this is the start of him leaving me. 
He had a great time I'm so happy and grateful. This is a very good life and Utah. 

August 23, 2015


We love being so close that we can walk to church! The weather is lovely here in Salt Lake City on Capitol Hill and I enjoy being outside with my family. Collin doesn't love being outside but he loves being with us.  He doesn't like getting so sweaty. He wore his new tak suit today (I didn't get a picture:( and looked very handsome.)
We made it on time to sit in the chapel this morning (as opposed to the overflow which is behind the chapel but separated  by glass) for our ward and I loved seeing in the old pews and looking at the beautiful stained glass in all the windows. It is a very old historic church building. 
We heard talks on faith and forgiveness today. We need to learn to forgive just as much as people need to be forgiven. 
We attended choir class for second hour and I enjoyed it very much. They have a lesson for the first half and then choir practice for the second half. 
Relief Society was so good as always. It's my favorite part of church. I love being with other sisters and hearing their struggles and successes. I love feeling sisterhood and getting encouragement. The lesson was on keeping the Sabbath day Holy. I made a comment that it seems like there is a greater emphasis on the sabbath day in the church recently and we had just moved into the ward one week ago and in our last ward, our bishop had been encouraging us to try to be more prepared and more reverent for the sacrament. Then when we came to this ward last week, the bishop talked about the sabbath and encouraged us to be more reverent and prepared for the sabbath day. It was a blessing for me to hear that consistency and know that the church is the same and true whenever I go. 
We love getting to know people and love that we have come here a bit blind. We don't know f people are LDS or not or what their situations are. We want to be friendly and say hi to everyone and the kids are awesome at that. We go out waking everyday and always meet someone new. 
I love this area and it's rich history with the church and with our nation. 
The house is quiet. Collin, the kids, and Dot the kitty are all sleeping. 

August 13, 2015

DVHS Varsity Football! It begins!!

Tonight was a scrimmage and our first time watching Joe play this season. We are so sad that we won't be at every game this year due to moving but we will see at least a few!! We are so proud of Joe. I have such a soft spot in my heart for that boy. I adore him and know he will change the world.

That AZ sky!!!!!
The kids love the games. They run all over and make friends with everyone. Hattie is figuring out coordination and was jumping with two feet down the bleacher steps.

We love you, Uncle/Brother!!!

August 11, 2015

Gonna miss.

We had a real life there. I know this is right and I'm so glad to be here. Just missing lots of it tonight. It takes time to reestablish oneself and one can feel mixed up and emotional and lonely at times. Each of us is dealing w it in our own way. Deep breath, eternal perspective, excitement for new adventure will come again in the morn.