February 6, 2016

Babe!!! My girl!

Hattie: I'm Elsa and Ana, mama. 
Me: can I be one of them? 
H: no, I be Elsa and Ana. You be poop. 
M: aw. :(
H: ok you be Ana, mama. I don't want you to be poop. 

Thanks daughter. I love you, gorgeous funny one. 

February 5, 2016

Grandma visits

My mom came in for the weekend last week. It was a fun snowy time. Collin and I got to go on two dates while my mom bathed and put the kids to bed and it was fantastic. I really felt relief from daily routine and got a nice break. The kids adore their Grammy and bring her book after book and won't let her nap. Haha. Poor G. It was a jam-packed weekend. 

Excited to go to the airport!!!
Serious aviator. 

Hehehehhe baby hands w fake nails. 
Fun piano bar downtown. They played I Got You Babe for us. 

Fun time at the children's museum. 

HAHAHHAAHHA this girl!!!

They love each other so much!!!!! So bonded. 

There was a snow storm all day Saturday: my moms dream come true. But with it came super dangerous roads and no hot springs. Oh well!!

We went swimming at the community pool.  So fun. 
And sledding w dad. 

Love this kid. He's up for any adventure. 
She's awesome. Lasted 2 minutes to hen wanted to go in. 

Had the greatest family dinner Sunday night. 

Love this family. 

On our way to the Provo city center temple open house. It was one of the nose unique beautiful temples I've ever seen. 

Our dear friend Jayden and her three kids came too. Freddie was crazy adorable w her youngest and was playing peek a boo, making her laugh. He is so ready to be a big brother again.  
Unfortunately her darling 2 year old son got sick and had to go to the hospital right after this. It was so scary and sad. But she was strong and we felt the spirit that families are forever. Thankfully he will be ok!!! 

Me at about 25 weeks with babe #3. 
Grammy and Hat, Jan 2016. 
Fell asleep dropping her off at the airport. Always. Success. 

Pen marks, talks

Freddie got busted for drawing with pen on the walls all over the house. (Like 8 different spots.) After I got super upset and he was sent to his room, and cried, we talked. Had a good convo about loving each other no matter what we do and mistakes and making it right. He's so sweet. He told me that he wanted me (meaning wanted my attention) and that's why he acted out. 
We hugged and each apologized and then he showed me everywhere that he drew. He told Hattie he was wrong for doing it and that she shouldn't either; he picked up the trash and can that he had kicked over when he was mad at me for catching him. And he cleaned all the pen up with a magic eraser. He even went beyond that and cleaned a few spots that had marker from Hattie from the past. She followed us around, watching and pointing out, "Reddie do dat." Great learning moment for us all. I love him and love to see him grow and develop. I'm so proud of him and who he is. He is a special guy. 

January 27, 2016

Snow. It won't be long.

Freddie and I walked to church together to go to choir practice. It was snowing a lot. I feel I love the snow. I feel I'm adjusting to the cold. I love to explore with my boy. 

Collin and Hattie drove to church so they all drove back home together and I got to walk alone. It was wonderful and quiet. 


Funny kitty stuff

Eating breakfast at our place. I say it's so. Cafe on 1st in SLC. Delicious waffles. Multigrain liege with berries. And bacon and the breakfast burrito Collin got was amazing. I get a bfast sandwich w cheddar and egg. 

Babes playing while I shopped. My favorite store, LUSH. 
Happy+green smoothie. His favorite color is green. 

Headlock dinos
My ladies 

"I'll let you keep your purse if you wear your boots."
My city. Rainy day. 

She's just so cuddly. What a little Monte, sleeping in the box while we play. 

About to go to a birthday party and be dropped off by himself for the first time. Growing fast. I'm proud and humbled that he's mine. 

Snow today. We went for a walk this afternoon. Today was sunny warm. But early evening got quite chilly. The walk was good for my lungs and spirit.  All of the next photos are Freddie's.