April 20, 2019

Studying his life in our home

We have been trying faithfully to study come follow me every day individually and as a family. It has blessed our family and me individually as I actually feel closer to the Savior. I actually feel I am coming to know him by studying about his life. I read about him and ponder on why he did what he did. It’s overwhelming to think about and wonderful to teach and share and listen as my children share their thoughts and testimonies. Fred and I get up in the morning and read about baptism in the scriptures and we have started reading the baptism lessons in Preach my Gospel. He is serious about his decision to be baptized and about preparing to do so. I am very proud of him and grateful for him. He will be an example for the girls and I look forward to preparing for their baptisms with them some day as well.  I also read from the Book of Mormon daily on my own. I look for examples of goodly parents. I love studying the scriptures everyday. We have become a gospel centered home. We continuously work on getting better at this and God sustains and inspires Collin and me.
 My calling has been cub scout leader for the past almost 2 years, and Fred and the girls have been coming with me and love participating in the activities but mostly playing in the church gym. As Fred is close to turning 8 and officially joining but also as the church is ending it’s participation in cub scouts, Fred has been participating as a scout to get as much of the experience as he can. We are excited for the new youth program!!

April 14, 2019

Signs of spring underneath and between the snowstorms

It’s mid April and spring is all around us. We have days when it’s warm and sunny, even a 75 degree day (though mostly 50-60), mixed with mornings of frost and snow. But nevertheless, we’ve been stuck inside all freezing cold winter and we are ready to be out!! We are out every day, walking and riding, inspecting blooms, breathing fresh air, and even starting to plant a little. Friends and neighbors are emerging from hibernation, and it’s been fun having lots of friends over. We still aren’t out of the cold yet, but so happy for spring!!


She's telling everyone and all the sample people are cheering hahaha!!!!
She was eating a piece of sausage and said, “I think my tooth just broke.” I felt it and sure enough, it was super wiggly!! I told her to just keep wiggling it and that it would come out in a few days. Well she wiggled and wiggled and it came out a few MINUTES later. There was some blood but I assured her it was just a little and all normal. 

When I say, “she lost her first tooth,” she corrects, “well, it’s not lost...it’s in my moms wallet...”

She called Collin right away to tell him and couldn’t wait to pick Fred up from school to tell and show him. Collin told her congratulations, and Fred was also delighted!! My big girl reminding me once again that she’s going off to kindergarten this fall and going to grow up and leave me. 

She was very excited to wake up to find a dollar under her pillow from the tooth fairy the next day. 

The kids and I had a date during priesthood session of general conference. We went to In-N-Out, then our favorite: the pet store!! We saw so many cool fish (glow in the dark!!), turtles swimming, birds, guinea pigs, mice sleeping in piles, snakes, kitties that we wanted to take home, dogs getting haircuts, lazy ferrets, tons of other lizards, and more. Ella loves playing with all the squeeze puppy toys so we could always find her in the aisles. It was fun and I love these little animal lovers. 

April 8, 2019

Harriet found outside

“MOM!!! I just saw an ant that could fly holding a caterpillar!!”

And then she drew it. 

March 21, 2019

Spring equinox and a supermoon!!

Spring is here!!! It’s been beautiful and sunny, bright. Little buds are popping up everywhere, including many tulips, crocuses and other little greens in our yard. We spend lots of time
Outside. Barefoot! The weather will go back and forth from now till the end of April, but the days are longer, it’s generally warmer and sunnier, and we all feel quite happy and giddy around here.
We had our first prenatal appointment with our midwife, Christine, whom we love! She comes to our home! The kids adore her too, and entertain for her attention. Ella says, “Chrissy, look at my (doll, house, cat, toy, moms tummy, etc...).” Hattie lovingly rubs my neck and arms. Fred joins in, and then goes back to reading as soon as things seem all settled. Collin sits next to me, supporting me, my partner. I take it all in, breathe it in. I’m present in the moment and in disbelief that we will have another little child soon.
Prenatal yoga has been so good. So thought provoking and healing always. Wild and crunchy too, which I desparately need. We leave for Phoenix tomorrow and I can’t wait.
Oh! And Ella got her first book from Great Grandma Smith!!!! She loves it and carries it around with her ever.