September 8, 2008

This Guy

He got to see my second love.

This is us at the Orlando Temple
the night of my cousin's endowment.
Collin was nice enough to wait with
me since I couldn't go in yet.

This is us the day of the wedding at the temple. Then later that night at the reception. Collin's pink shirt: oh my!!

Collin's big night at the Provo Art Walk. His article was on display in all of the stores along the way. My little published journalist!!!!!!

He is hot.

July 31, 2008

Here, Ashley!! :)

I am engaged!!!!
It happened June 27th in Sarasota, Florida
at the Shelby Marie Botanical Gardens.
Collin and I were practically the only ones
there and it was a VERY humid day.

We were walking around, he was acting
kind of strange, and then we came to this
huge grassy field. He pretty much waited
till the right moment, and got down on his
knee, pulled out a box, and asked me to
marry him!! Stupid me, I didn't even see
it coming....of course he had been throwing
me off for weeks.
He said I had a shocked look on my face,
and I'm sure that I did!! haha. I said, YES!
and got a little teary-eyed.
I went to the bathroom and prayed about it
and felt a strong GOOD ANSWER feeling.
Then I went outside and he and I ran around
giddy for a while. I was so swollen that my
ring was a snug fit!!! haha.
It is PERFECT. I love it so much. It is simple,
unique and pretty...actually BEAUTIFUL.
Collin said it was the most stressful day of
his life picking it out, but he did a GREAT job!!!

We are getting married on November 22, 2008
in the Mesa, Arizona temple. We can't wait!
We have been apart for 3 weeks now as I have
been in the Czech Republic, and he has been
on the east coast with the art company he
works for. I am loving it here, but can't
wait to be back with him!

We will live in Provo, Utah until he graduates
next spring, and then who knows!!!!
I am still slowly working on my degree!


July 27, 2008

Unable to write a paper.

Karlstejn Castle all stormy

My new friend, Dobry

Týn Castle (like Spleen!!!)

Christina, Trang, and me. Ice creamzzz!

July 16, 2008

new things, pretty things.

Large Catholic church we "stumbled" upon.
It was so amazing and beautiful inside, but
no pictures allowed!

Jayna, I bought a Czech plant!
I named her, Betty.

I'm happy, I swear!
I also appear under-nourished.

July 14, 2008

Dobry den!

I am here!


The National Museum

our view from our roof top!

This is my dorm. The building is old and beautiful.

The Metro is super far down!!!!!!
Roommate, Kylie!



walkin home in the wee hours.

On our journey to church!


It was wonderful!
I'm homesick for collin.

June 16, 2008

A bust/the best

June 13, 14
Salt Lake City time for a going-away dance party.

Us very sweaty and tired.
Friend, Andrew, DJed.
It was pretty good except
for some lame people.

Stilts: Why?

Pure romance.

I sure miss this kid:

June 8, 2008

Books on the Czech Rebublic

Degrassi: still good.
I miss you, friends.
I have some sort of mite living in my body, burrowing bumps and puss-boils into my skin.
I got medicine for that, but I itch all over.
I am in love, and love makes you crazy--like makes you want to wake up next to him every morning for forever.
I have no job and no money, so my sugar-daddy pays for everything; it's great!!!
I crave swimming everyday.
I been working on my tan, but mostly, I get freckles.
I watched 4 excellent movies today.
Chinese food is amazing.

June 5, 2008

Feilbachs and Co.

Collin and I on our way to my cousins,
Chad and Tiffany Feilbach's, home.

Collin and his sugar.

It has been super rainy and gloomy
and everyone has been complaining
it, but I love it. It's so pretty.

The Mount. Timpanogos Temple:

After dinner, the girls took us on a walk.


(aw, romantical.)

Pretty nice for a backyard.

Collin's stern face.

Me being creepy.

She knew exactly what to do.

Ice Cream time!!!
This is Sabrina.
Shebdidn't come on the walk.

We went back to Provo and hung
out with my friend, Jeremy, who
was in town, and his friends.


Dinner at the hospital.
Collin drew me.