July 31, 2010

A friend of mine took his life a year ago this past May. And today is his birthday. As people post their memories on his wall and tell them they miss him, my heart races, and I feel sad that he's gone. But I'm grateful for hope and love and eternity and forgiveness.
I know it's real.

July 27, 2010

Electricity, E-lec-tric-it-y

FEAST your eyes upon this guy: (okay, this was supposed to be a wicked awesome video I have of the crazy storm on Sunday. Maybe later.) Here are some photos, but they just don't do it justice!

It started absolutely out of nowhere around 3:30pm on Sunday. We immediately lost power. The storm only lasted about a half hour, and after there were blue skies! But it knocked out power, phone, and satalite towers for hundreds of thousands of people in the area! We didn't have cell phone coverage until the next morning, and it was actually really freaky. We didn't have a radio either, so didn't know what was going on. Tons of our neighbors were outside, wondering the same thing.

That night we honored the pioneers, and made a list of things we should have had in a crisis like this. (It wasn't many. We have a gas stove, candles, etc.) We woke up to STILL no power. It was a very hot and uncomfortable night. But we had to go to work. We took freeeeeezing cold showers, and headed out. Collin's work in the city was totally fine, and mine in Rockville had power, THANK YOU A/C!!!!!, but no phone lines or internet (aka credit card machine.) Collin got to gchat with Elder Money a bit and told him about what was going on. David was like....I don't feel badly for you guys. Welcome to my life. (In the Dominican Republic where they ONLY have cold water, the lights don't come on for a week sometimes, and there is NEVER air conditioning.) We got to thinking...we're pretty blessed, man. There is certainly a lot for us to be thankful for.

Like always, it's been an adventure. We finally got power back today almost exactly 2 days later. We lost everything in our fridge (and probably freezer), but luckily we didn't go shopping this past weekend and there wasn't much in there.

DC has certainly had some extremes this year...remember the BLIZZARD???

Here are some photos of our time in the dark/choking heat.

Seriously, this was it, 30 minutes later....quick, but killer.

CS making mac n cheese on the gas stove in the dark. Yum.

Bananagramalama! I won, like usual.

Freaky bathroom

Our room. Serious.

Me looking up at the ceiling from my bed.

We decided to get out on Monday night. We walked to Magruder's and bought some ice cream, OJ, Fruit Roll-ups, and JalapeƱo chips for Smith.

Collin dropped his drumstick! in the dark! On his leg!!! Hahah! I was laughing so hard while he pleaded with me to get a paper towel. Not before I take a picture!!

He was not thrilled with me.

More games and reading The People of Paper by candle light. We loved it.

This is what it looked like with the flash.

July 21, 2010

BB & Towels

Becca and Bryan left early this morning. They are off on their next adventure--I want to go backpacking with Smith! I think we're living our adventure right now, but I need a trip with just him to somewhere new, exciting, different!

Today I have off work. Wednesdays are weird days to have off. I've cleaned up, done tons of laundry, indexed, watched Top Chef, SVU, and The Bachelorette (tear), made some breakfast, done the dishes, and now I'm ready for some Super Nintendo. I'm going to beat every game starting with Zelda.

The missionaries are coming over for dinner tonight, and we're making pizza. Das good. Also, it is HUMID in Maryland.

Pretty Towels

PS!! B&B gave us the game Bananagrams, and I am OBSESSED! I will ask everyone to play with me. I've been sleeping with it. Seriously.

PPS. It really sucks having a best best soul mate best friend engaged and you're SO SO happy for her, and you'll be at the wedding, but you're 9000 miles away and can't help with anything.
I talked to Tom on the phone the other day, and man, he's awesome. I was SO nervous and kept saying really weird stuff. Haha!!! I can't WAIT for September 9th!!

July 19, 2010

BB&T in town and fun in DC

I made Banana Bread. First time ever. It was simple, easy, and SOOOOOOOOO good.

Friends, Becca and Bryan are visiting as they pass through DC on a big summer adventure. I love it when people come to visit because it gets us into the city--monuments, art, adventure, billions of hours of walking, etc.
White House
World War II Monument. This is an emotion one.

Washington Monument is always there.

Taking a walk

Yahoo! The Lincoln Memorial! I'd been before but not since we moved here. It reminded me of Hercules so much---when he goes to see his father in the temple....I can go the distance...

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his speech here.

Lincoln and Collin

Gettysburg address. Huge! And this was only half!

Hanging from his hind legs!!

Walk around Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial
Roosevelt, himself.

This means a lot to me. It is beautiful.
Creepy elevator

Here we saw the amazing work of Edward Muybridge. It was incredible!!!! No photos were allowed.

Collin loved this sculpture. Me too.

Then we met up with B&B at the American Art Gallery to see an amazing Norman Rockwell Exhibit, and hear an orchestra play John Williams songs. My dreams come true.

Again, no pictures were allowed of the Norman Rockwell stuff, but it was just awesome.

This is cool:

We made Tikka Masala! SOOOO perfectly delicious!!!