November 30, 2010

What a night it was!

November 17th we saw Azure Ray at the Rock and Roll Theatre in DC. Beforehand we went to a trivia night in the restaurant upstairs. We killed it. We want to start going more often. ALSO they have free dance parties every 3rd Friday of the month! Sweet. 

One of the opening bands was Tim Fite. He was so awesome!
 His eyes would look into you and it was SO scary/amazing.


Here they heart skipped. Just as beautiful and wonderful as the years before.

Maria Taylor & Orenda Fink

After the show we headed back to the metro for the ride home, but alas! It stops 
running after midnight on the weekdays!!! How do we ALWAYS get ourselves into 
this situation??? haha. Luckily a random nice girl from the show offered for us to 
ride in her cab with her (we had no cash and the cab wouldn't take credit!) and wait
in her apartment lobby till someone could come pick us up.
She was a very interesting lady. We all had a great conversation. 

 The cab driver was super nice too. A great bunch of humans

Us waiting in the lobby. Our friends, the Beh's came to our rescue! 
The only people we could think off who didn't have kids and had a car.
So late. So saved us. I mean, we technically could have slept on the couch
in the apartment lobby and taken the metro straight to work the next day,
but that would have been a whole other adventure.

Oh Maria and Orenda. One of their numbers, November, is one of my favorite songs ever. I have it recorded from the show, but the file is too big to upload on here, apparently. I had some tears as they played it and so many memories came over me. Long dark nights driving home from Intriguing's house or back to Flagstaff while it snowed on Bumblebee, or laying on the air mattress staring  up at my posters in the triangle. Due to the Slant.

November 23, 2010

2 years of $mith Greatest day picture memories

It was a lovely--no gorgeous--no perfect day in Phoenix on the 22nd of November, 2008...

I love my man

Sisters! Finally!

I LOVED my flowers

Oh, la la!


The Temple is such a beautiful, sacred place.
My decision to be married to Collin there was
the best I've ever made.


 My darlings

Moneys minus AJ, but he was there in spirit

The Smiths. I'm SO lucky to have in-laws who love
me as their own daughter/sister and who I get 
along with SO WELL! I love them!!!

Later that night..................

Sea of eligible ladies

Most delicious and beautiful wedding cake ever

Now down to business...

 And on to the REALLY important stuff:
the Honeymoon: Cozumel and Isla Mujeres


Pure romance

Cliche, but had to:

Thanksgiving Dinner

Dearest Smith/CS/bumbum/lover/honey/kunky/buhbuh/Carcassonne-Col:

I love you even more than that day. I love you more every second. I love you when I look into your eyes, we connect, talk, fight, adventure, laugh, tickle, create, lounge, dance, play, walk, are ridiculous, funny, sweet, serve, work, exhausted, act crazy, and especially when no body gets us but us. We've been through everything in our lives to be better for each other and we'll do everything together for the rest of forever. 
Love you, man. Love you, Collin.