February 28, 2012

Laurie Notaro/vampire movie

Tonight I watched Breaking Dawn and MAN it was terrible. I hesitated to say anything on Facebook because lots of people love those movies and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But I DID post and I'm so glad I did....for one of my favorite authors if all time, Laurie Notaro, COMMENTED ON MY POST. ahhhh I can die happy. And it's all thanks to you: schizophrenic soundtrack, horrible acting, badly edited scenes, and over all horribly bizarre plot and directing!!!!!
Yesterday was a gorgeous blustery day. Perfect for hanging out outside. Frederick loves the feel of grass. CS & I played our favorite game, Trivial Pursuit. he won by only one pie piece. Good game, Smith.

February 23, 2012

thoughts tonight.

i had a THIRD clogged nipple pore. a bleb. they are EVIL. horrible. but when I read about them, no one is really sure what causes them, and they go away within 3 days. But those 3 days....feel like someone is twisting and pulling my nipple off. thanks.

Tomorrow/today we're going to the Temple. I am up way too late. But kitties are too. and collin and freddie are snoring. I feel SO GUILTY when I'm up still and especially when I'm on the computer and they have already fallen asleep. But sometimes, I just gotta lose myself a little.

There's something VERY exciting happening, but I'm not allowed to talk about it....not even on here...because it's a SURPRISE and he/she/they might read this. (I'm not pregnant).

i'm absolutely so passionate about breastfeeding. it's so awesome, clogged pores and all. this isn't the news, but i really want to become a birth assistant. i'll never forget my birth assistant for Freddie, Danielle.

I hate being away from my kitties. when we're arriving home, or walking inside, I always yell, "Yay, kitties!!" Frederick absolutely LOVES them. Montgomery and Dot. But I think he loves dogs too. Can't wait to get him his first puppy someday. Uh oh. The men are stirring. Time to feed the little one and cuddle and kiss the big one.

A cabin up north

Christopher Creek, to be exact.
It was awesome. The whole family went-including the kitties! They gad a great time running up and down the stairs and finding new hiding spots. It was a nice little place. Billy the Kid cabin. Haunted a bit. Games, food, reading, no Internet. Quite a nice little vacation. I even did my daily yoga routine outside. So peaceful!!
On Sunday, we went to the branch there; it was so small and sweet and the people so welcoming. I really felt the spirit of gratitude they had for their building and loved being in Relief Society. Then it snowed just a little! Beautiful! My mom was truly in heaven.
We had so much fun with Freddie, being silly and giggling all night.
Joe and friend, Justin, had to camp in a tent in the backyard to get campout credit for scouts. It's much more my style to be outside in a tent; however, it was pretty near freezing, and I was happy to be inside with the gas stove, snuggled next to Collin and Frederick.

Great great trip!!

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Joseph's basketball game

We love watching Joe play sports!! And of course, Freddie steaks the show. I had to sneak off to feed him and some guy didn't notice and came in and played the piano. It was awesome. Oh and I love my mom's front yard. So many beautiful colors! Spring is almost here!!

February 22, 2012

Blossoming mothers group/ Birthmarkings

Today Fred and I went to the best mothers group ever: at blossom birth center, where I gave birth to him. It was incredible!!!! Mothers of all sizes! Babies of all ages!!! All breast feeding! So many boobs it was incredible! We all just talked.... About our births, feeding, products, sleeping, wraps, nursing bras, everything!!!! So many people with similar views as me but still everyone with their own experiences and views!!!! It was wonderful. I'm going every week from now on!!!! I just feel SO empowered and happy. Freddie is happy too. And coming home to my loving husband, was even more excellent.

Here is a video I got from marvelouskiddo.blogspot.com:

I cried through the whole thing!!

Giving birth is just the most insane, wonderful, emotional, crazy, awesome, LIFE-CHANGING and BODY-CHANGING thing ever. My body will never be the same. I have so many stretch marks. My belly sags. Lose skin. I am big. I get so hungry breast-feeding and want to eat all the time. And I don't go out to eat or eat fast food! We make all our meals and eat pretty healthily! But it's hard. And I see all these other women who are thin and gorgeous. Or women who don't have any stretch marks or get skinny again right away. I feel so so alone and down sometimes. I feel ugly. Even though Collin tells me constantly that I'm beautiful and sexy, I still feel self-conscientious when he sees me naked. But watching this video put things in perspective. I feel so connected to these women. I have an amazing son because of what I did. And I'll have more.

Please watch:

February 21, 2012

Nap time

This past weekend Freddie turned 5 months. We (including kitties) also packed up and went with the Moneys up north to a cabin. It's was so pretty and truly relaxing. Not long enough!! Pictures soon, of course. I am just enjoying my son do much!! He is starting to really crawl and get around! He is so fun to hang out with, laugh and make silly noises and faces, talk to, read with, and nurse in fun different positions. Does that sound weird? Well it's not; it's wonderful.

CS+NEMS+FIS+MJS+DS forever ...

February 17, 2012

An evening at the temple

Since having a baby, it's been a bit more challenging getting to the temple. But we love and miss being there often, so we have come to terms with not always being able to go together and decided that we would start going every couple of weeks and switching off one of us going in and one of us hanging out with Freddie outside. That way we both get to be at the temple.

The other night, Collin did a session while I hung out with Freddie. We Skyped with dear, Anne Costa, in DC now, we went to the visitor's center and looked at really beautiful paintings of Jesus's life, and we walked around the grounds of the temple. It was so peaceful, so wonderful, so spiritual for me. I love my little son as a date, and I was so glad Collin got to be in the temple, and that that is important to him.

Here are some nice little pictures.

An afternoon antiquing

Love old beautiful things.