January 30, 2012

Thirty-day shred

Today was day two. Collin and I were dying the first day and were very sore afterward. Tonight my endurance was greater and so was the burn. I'm diggin this shred. Freddie politely watched and was a really good boy. Then he barfed on himself: shower time! Now we're all clean, happy, eating, and watching SVU.

Great FHE tonight.

out with the old and in with the new

Remember this two years ago? Well that phone soon became MY phone (as I lost mine weeks later and Collin got a work phone). For the past two years, I've had it. But today, my friends, everything changes. 

We've finally decided that it's time to upgrade to Smart phones. CS got a Droid X 2 and I'm getting my iPhone today. But we won't forgot our roots. We've had these "junky" (can you imagine them being junky in 2006?) phones for years, and they've been good to us. I will NEVER claim to be any sort of photographer. But I am a documenter and journaler and I take a lot of pictures. I've taken tons on my junky orange phone, to tell stories and preserve memories, and they've done their job, no matter how grainy. It's seen moves, adventures, added family members, and the beautiful outdoors.

Here are a few of my favorite memories as told by my old phone. Thanks, guy. R.I.P.

January 27, 2012

goodbyes, hellos, and firsts, you cool kid

My dear friend, Anne Marion C, moved to DC this past week. To DC!!!! My old home! Well, she moved there to get some adventure, get some livin, get some independence, see some lovely stuff. and I'm so happy for that gal, let me tell you. We had a little dinner for her to say, Happy Birthday, and Goodbye, and We love you and'll miss your guts. She's a wonderful lady, she certainly is. 

 Oh, how I love friends. I love them. I love spending time with people, getting to know them, speaking bluntly, and finding out what they think and why, and their real personalities. People are interesting, aren't they. I just love Amanda, Chelsea, Preston, and Dallen. Good friends here in Phoenix. They are young and hot and wonderful and good-hearted. 

This is NOT what it looks like. Frederick would never pull Dot's tail. She was laying next to him and her tail was just kind of in his hand. It was so cute and I tried to grab the camera, but, of course, they moved. This is me trying to reinact it. ha!

FRED's FIRST birthday party!!! Sweet baby, Violet, turned 1.

This is what Freddie got her: a pink teddy bear. She seemed to love it. Fred's a heart breaker already.

I love this boy.

Dad and Mom (that's Collin and me) wanted to have a party and got all this party food...but no one could come over last minute...soo......we just had a party by ourselves. Freddie, Monte and Dot came.

Uncle Joe playing bball

Rolling around like a mad man!!

Frederick, you laugh so much, so easily. You're a happy baby. You're laid-back, easy-going. You much life exciting. You're growing out of all your clothes.

Love, Mom

PS. I finally got a smart phone. FINALLY. It is cute and white and gets here Monday. Stay tuned for a reminiscent post of pictures from my old phone....then retirement.

January 23, 2012

really lovely

This woman has the most gorgeous skin I've ever seen.

(Mara Hoffman‘s 2012 swimwear)

I love this for Spring:

(Melissa Coker's spring collection for Wren)

January 20, 2012

really quickly

The film Another Earth is incredible. The story, acting, cinematography, music, and even font. beautiful. please watch it.

I'm going to read Le Leche League International's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I just can't get enough.

I just ordered Jillian Michael's 30 day shred from Amazon. Let's DO THIS. Everyone: hold me accountable. I want to feel good again.

Montgomery is an insomniac like me.

You know how I won a big giveaway last month, with 9 different prizes? I only ever got 4. Oh well, but weird, huh!! Oh well.

Jayna Hedges cut my hair and I LOVE IT. Best cut I've ever had. Liked it immediately, (no awkward stage right after), lighter, texture, side fringe (that means side bangs in Ireland), and I just let it dry and it does just what I want it to!!!! Dream!!!!

I've lived in Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Athlone Ireland, Prague Czech Republic, Ouelessebougou Mali, and Maryland.

Did you know that Yeah Samake is running for President of Mali and he is the only Mormon in the country? While we were living in Mali, he had just been elected Major of Ouelessebougou, and invited us to his home where we ate with his posse, used his FLUSHING toilet, and road with him through the middle of a football field and sat with him where he was the honorary guest. Very cool, indeed. He is an incredible man for real, though.

I really want an HTC Radar 4G phone. It is SO cool (and also $400, so THAT'S not happening).

I'm going to do this next month:

I would like to have an adventure soon. Very soon. Time to go feed my baby and then sleep. night.

Grandma and Grandpa Money

On our way out of town, we stopped at the Spanish Fork Cemetery to visit my dad's parent's graves and a few other family members. It was a wonderful visit. Pretty snow. 
I've always thought graveyards were peaceful.  

Fred is my Freddie's namesake. We would have liked to get a photo with him in it, but it was SOOOO COLD!

another money. there are many in the spanish fork area.

So my Grandpa (Fred) Money was born a Ludlow and a twin (brother was Ted) and they were the youngest of 12 children. Their mother died giving birth to them and their father was a sheep herder and couldn't take care of them. The Moneys were in the same town, had 5 children--none of which survived. Most were still-born, one lived a few hours, and one lived 4 days. Ludlow went to the Moneys and asked if they would adopt Fred and Ted. They were happy to have two healthy boys and took them as their own.
Albert Edward and Ethel Huntington. Great-Grandma Ethel has my same birthday.

Their grave along with the graves of their 5 children. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a child, let alone 5. They must have been incredible and faithful people. 

If you look at the dates and names, you'll notice they first had a still-born son. Two years later they had Beth, who survived only 4 days. They got pregnant again right away and had Albert, who lived only a few hours. They didn't try to have children again until 12 years later, and that baby was still-born. They didn't even want to know the sex. It must have been so painful. 
4 years later, they tried once more: a son, still-born.

 I am truly grateful for my healthy son, Frederick. I realize everyday what a blessing he is. I know God has given me this amazing opportunity to be a mother, and that God knows all and has a plan for all of us. He has a plan for these precious Money babies. I know Albert and Ethel are with them and that they will have the chance to raise them one day.

The funeral

The reason for our trip to Utah: my mom's Uncle Robert's funeral. 
It was really quite nice. His wife, Aunt Helen, died just 8 weeks ago.
They were both well into their eighties, and it's sweet to think of them together on the other side. 

Attending Great-Aunt Rosalie's funeral last month, and then Great-Uncle Robert's funeral this got me thinking. Last time I knew half of the people in the room. This time close to none. But they are my family. How sad it that? That the first time I go out of my way to get to know them, is because someone has died. I made a pact with myself right then and there that I want my son to know his family. I want to make family a priority. I want to do whatever it takes to always go to family reunions and get-togethers, to support my family, no matter how distant they might be.  I'm grateful that my mom always made family a prioritry. 
It's finally sinking in, mom.

My mom with her grandparents

Incredible military service. So moving.

His 6 children

Fred was cold!

eating my face?