March 28, 2011

Collin Smith, you're 30

Can you believe my man, my main squeeze, my best friend, my husband is THIRTY YEARS OLD?! Neither can he, but it's true. What a fine lookin dude. And yes, that's how old we are. We used to call people, "fine."

Apparently he had a mini-anxiety attack Friday night. "I'm turning 30 tomorrow!!" "Nikki's leaving for 3 weeks tomorrow!!" "I got a JOB and we're moving!!" "We're having a child!!!!"

But that night the Temple, then the most delicious wings EVER with friends at Hard Times Cafe, and SCRUMPTIOUS cake made by Monica Kate.

Happy happy guy.

The next day he woke up feeling so at peace. And what a perfect day it ended up being. Lots of lovin, sleeping in, missionaries woke us up to sing happy birthday with an oreo CAKE at 8 AM!!! Monte being SO cute before I had to say goodbye. Cherry Blossoms!!! I got to see them before I left! A perfect walk through the mall, holding hands with my absolutely amazing husband. DELICIOUS lunch at WE, THE PIZZA. Another walk around Capitol Hill. $5 glasses, mini cathedrals, and very very good talks.

Then a drive to the airport and an embrace/eyes I'll never forget.

Oh I miss you, my darling.

March 24, 2011

totally awesome

Thought #1: God knows me! He prepares me. He loves me and wants me to be happy.
He allows me my agency, but guides me and gives help when I ask for it. He has allowed
me to be in situations where I'll grow, meet new and amazing people, become better, 
and screw up, too. This is all pretty amazing.

#2: How did I get so freaking blessed to have this dude as my no.1? 
ETERNALLY! Oh man, this is blowing my mind. I'm so grateful. He is awesome. 
He's just amazing. Just look at him. 

Hahahah, this guy makes me laugh.

Boy oh boy, I'm going to be without him for 3 weeks, and it's 
going to be really really really rough not to sleep by him and 
hold him and hug and kiss him and everything else. 
But thank goodness for cell phones, skype, and email!!
And at least I know that my going is right and that I'll have a good time. 
CS and Monte will have each other to keep company, but I hope 
lots of people have CS over for fun and games so he doesn't get lonely.

Partner! Companion! Best Friend! Super hot dancer!
Father of my babe :) :)

Life is so good guys, so good. 

March 21, 2011


My mother and brother, Sandy and Joseph Money came last week for their spring break. It was excellent. I love them so much. I've missed them so badly. We just hung out and were together. It was wonderful.

They had a very interesting start to the trip as their plane wing flaps malfunctioned and they had to make an emergency landing using the breaks only, FREAKY! haha, but they survived. THEN on the way home we got a flat tire! Sheesh! Collin and Joe put on the spare and once again, our trip continued.

 This was us in the Planetarium watching BLACK HOLES! It was pretty freaky and awesome to virtually go into space and through a black hole. Space is nuts, man. NUTS.

Our tour of the birth center. Loved it.

Probably the highlight of the week: visiting Mount Vernon:
George Washington's home.

We loved being there; it was so peaceful! We
loved learning about Washington and his family.
He had an incredible life and was such a humble man! 
It was pretty inspiring.

The tour of his mansion was AMAZING. 
We couldn't take pictures, and this was the only 
room I got to sneak a shot of. None of the walls 
were white. ALL color and all picked out by 
Washington himself. He would love our decorating! :)

But back to the was so intimate. 
We were right there in the rooms. They were just so cool. 
And even though it was pretty crowded, everyone
was really quiet & respectful, and I could feel an 
amazing spirit there. 

One of the greatest gifts that George Washington gave 
this country was to give up his power after after two terms,
establishing this from that point on so that no man would gain too 
much power. What a great man.

"I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord, he
that liveth in me, though he were dead, yet shall
he live' and whosoever liveth and believeth in me
shall never die." -Inscription from St John above
George and Martha Washington's tombs.

So peaceful.

It was St. Patrick's day and we went to 
lunch in downtown Alexandria at an Irish pub.
Fish and chips there were AMAZING. The 4
of us shared one and were stuffed!
 Then some shopping, and shamrock shakes 
(tradition for Joseph and me)
and home after a great long day.

Love you, Mom and Joseph. Collin, Monte and I had the best time with you and we miss you.
See you in June!!!