March 31, 2012

General conference pt 1

I really enjoyed conference today. This morning Collin and Freddie and I watched together, then had the missionaries and good friends the sales over for brunch/afternoon session. I loved the stuff about families, raising children, elder Hollands talk about jealousy!!!! They were all very good.
So much extra love in our home. I was humbled to be Collins companion and Fred's mommy. I know I'm a cat loving weirdo, but I was just so happy. with my two men and two kitties. The Smith Force Five!
I had lots of questions, and miracles: they have been answered here and there throughout the day. Can't wait for tomorrow. General Conference lifts my soul, gives me hope and comfort and encouragement to change. I need to have more patience more charity. Need help with what to do next. Where to go.
I also loved the talk that said it is not possible to get to the point of no return or unforgiveness. His is our Father. He loves us.

March 24, 2012

One of the happiest days......

Our very good friends, The Sales, were baptized today. I got pretty choked up thinking of the positive changes they have made and the strength and love they have for one another.

March 22, 2012

Packing up

Freddie is a completely different babe from two weeks ago when we got to FL. He went from scooting around on hands and knees to crawling to sitting up and down on his own to pulling himself up to standing against furniture! He gained 1.5 pounds. (at a solid 19 right now! So heavy!) We celebrated his 6 month birthday. He has been to the beach twice and the pool many many times. He LOVES the water (yay for his water-loving pieces fish mother). He splashes and laughs and holds on tightly and jumps out bravely and puts his face in the water, gets too much, chokes, then smiles and does it again. Hehe.
He does this scream at the top of his lungs (which I learned from a speak therapist friend feels so good on little childrens' vocal cords an lips), and babbles for time on end to join in on our conversations.
He is getting so independent and mobile that he dislikes being constrained even more. And why are baby things all so much like jail: caraeat straps, high walls of pack and plays, stroller straps, high chair belt, grocery store chair belt? We tell him, "sorry you're goin in jail," and it's alway for his good.
We have just gotten into this awesome rhythm with nursing where he comes to me, and we nurse, wherever we are, so quickly and efficiently. He knows what to do. I've nursed him with friends and family, at Disney World, in the pool, (and so many ladies came up to me and commended me for doing it in public).
He has started playing with/sucking on a vegetable here and there. It's so fun watching his reactions. We never force it. Only let him take it if he wants and then he will either mush it in his hands, suck or chew it for a minute, or enjoy watching it drop from his hands to the floor.
He has gotten to play with cousins and other babies. He notices and loves to look at other children so much!! He has loved spending this time with Gramma Lulu and Grandpop Smith. He reaches for them, hugs them, locks gaze with them, smiles for them. He is so blessed to be surrounded by so many who love and adore him.
And Collin and I are taking so much with us too (besides my bright red sunburn from the beach yesterday). This trip was not only visiting family, but it was truly relaxing!!! I feel refreshed and ready for anything. We were able to reconnect on an incredible level, make new and exciting goals with clear heads.
And now we will miss Florida and can't wait till the next visit, but are excited for home. For Montgomery and Dot!!!!!!!!!

BY THE WAY, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY DOTTIE GIRL! We love you and will see you tonight! BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!!!!

March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!!

The day was beautiful, slightly rainy and ended up sunny. We drove to Sarasota and ate incredible Arabian food. We did a little thrifting, then to see We Bought a Zoo. I loved it! Animals! Family! Loved ones! Nature! Community. Loved it. Then on the way home we stopped at an Amish Produce stand and bought a few items of deliciousness. Yumm. I love Florida. Poor Frederick is really teething and a little miserable. Poor poor darling. He is still such a good boy and doing rather well with it. And he chewed on his first tomato today!! I could tell he loved it despite the weirded out look on his face. Hehe.
I love my husband & my son. I love March. I love and miss my kitties. They are having so much fun at the Money's! We will see them soon!

Tonight: pizza!!! (I was inspired by Amy Scerra!)

Freddie, sucking on a tomato! He had a love/hate relationship with it.
Though things go topsy turvy And meals they miss a few,
These newly wedded couples have OTHER things to do!

March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day in the woods. In FL.

I love FL and the lush green, the moisture, the dirt, the baby paying in the dirt. Freddie loves the earth!! He loves animals! We went out in the woods for a little BBQ with friends of Ludona and Ken. It was so pretty. while petting the horses, one sucked on Freddie's toes!!! He laughed then cried.
We had to finish the day with Shamrock Shakes. "It's tradition!" -Joseph Money.

March 18, 2012

marvelous kiddo

The author of one of my favorite blogs, is close to going into labor. Here's one of her recent posts as she's waiting for her babe to arrive:

I love when she says, "all things considered I'm doing really well physically and emotionally. I have been getting plenty of rest, I feel strong and SO ready to embrace any hard labor work that might be in store for me. I'm eating and laughing and walking and crying and feeling so very blessed by my beautiful family and friends, even as I search for a light at the end of this tunnel. I am learning the hard and yet freeing lessons of surrender. And I have so much respect for this baby! I know he or she is picking it's birthday and knows when the time is right."

I remember so well those feelings of complete surrender. Surrender to my body, my baby and my instincts. It's making me long for the important work of pregnancy and birth. It makes me look deeper into Frederick's eyes, hold him closer, longer; know what a miracle he is, and how important and needed I am.

Good luck to you, Leigh!

March 16, 2012

Little family visit!!!

We had a quick family visit with my Aunt Susan (mom's sister) and her son Blair, as well as my cousin Susie, her husband, Ryan, and their two sons, Elliott and Cohen. They cane to Lakeland while we were all at grandma and grandpa's. It was so great seeing everyone and especially having so many kids around!! It was the 2 mentioned plus Freddie, of course, and my two nieces and nephew. They all played really well together and there's little greater than a floor full of kids playing with blocks and Legos.