October 29, 2011

read in the park

every october cs and I get a joyce carol oats book to read together.
thursday, with its cool weather and black sky, was a perfect night for reading in the park,
perfect for peering into the mind of a serial killer.

happy halloween.

October 27, 2011


my bells palsy started improving after I gave birth to Freddie, and now it's almost completely better; hallelujah! now I have a new nemesis: a clogged nipple pore. arg. everything I've read on it (and everyone who knows about it) says the best thing is to apply heat before nursing and then nurse a ton--that his sucking will suck out the clog (dried milk by now) in the pore. it BURNS when nursing that nipple (when I honestly never had pain nursing the beginning...it was just emotionally hard for me). It feels like he latches on and then twists the nipple super hard, yikes. but it's bearable knowing it's the best way to help it.

I have to be careful that it doesn't turn into infection, so Saturday we have a breastfeeding class at blossom: 201 (pumping, solids and more!) and ill have Nichelle do something about this clog if I need to. I also have my check up on Monday...I'm excited to see how I'm healing and hopefully be cleared for swimming, baths, exercise, and SEX. cant wait.

I'm excited about the breastfeeding 201 class. i'm going to start pumping after it :) and collin is coming too, yay. alright, gotta go. typing this one-handed with sleeping baby over my shoulder. need water! food! bed! OH! and we made amazing asparagus fettuccine Alfredo last night. i need to post the recipe. and  i need to make autumn cookies.

October 26, 2011


this is me everyday. except add at least one boob always sticking out of my shirt.
this kid eats like a mad man. 

waiting for daddy to come home.

Frederick: you have been talking a ton. your favorite word/phrase is "a woo."
you say it all the time and with different inflections and tones. IT'S. A. Dorable. 
especially when just after one of your cute sneezes.

you also never want to be laid down. you just like it in yo mama's arms. (making
it quite difficult to bathe or brush my teeth till grandma or dad walk through the door.)
love you, best buddy.

October 25, 2011

a collage of lately with the smiths

The Shine Project Evening. 
i don't have a ton of pictures of the night, but it was a really awesome fund raising event put on by friend, ashley. she's raising a ton of money for college for some inner city kids at the high school she works at. very cool, ashley. 

got to show freddie off. what cuties.

 somebody was happy after his dinner

Sweet Salvage.
our favorite vintage shop opens one weekend a month. we love the ladies who work there, the way everything is decorated, and of course, the booty. it was fun to once again, show off freddie. the last time we were there, he was in my tummy (about to pop out) and I ended up having him the next day! now they call him their  sweet salvage baby.

 Movies. Moneyball. we loved it. this was a different experience from the last time we went to the movies....last time he slept through the whole thing and collin held him and it was super easy. THIS time, he was much more fussy, I had to leave and change his diaper, I nursed him and that was a little difficult, and collin had to leave and get me water. a little more realistic, this time, but still so great and hey, we're parents now! what did we expect??

Thunder Football.
My dad and Joseph's team played the first game of the play-offs and is still undefeated ! wooo hoooo. that's one step closer to florida in decemberrrrrrrr. next game is this Sat at 4pm at DV. they are playing the team that beat them in the play-offs last year!! so exciting. so nerve-wracking.

Sunday afternoon nap

Bday party, yeah.
beautiful katie's birthday celebration!! food at the farm, YUM. then pumpkins and friends and treats. freddie was a big hit. there were some of the nicest people at the party; cs and i both really really enjoyed meeting and hanging with everyone. great hosts. great night.

little man is eyeing that food. and he's wearing the super cute new outfit his aunt ashley made for him!!

he totally has a crush on amy!!

sleeping through the fun.

let's go little pumpkin

October 22, 2011

carnival HALLOWEEN party



Happy Hallllllllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn MUhahahahahahahaha