November 29, 2011

humble pie

yep, that's us. sometimes you gotta get a little perspective. I have some knots in my stomach and heart and whole body and I can't quite sleep (THUS THE THOUSAND POSTS of catching up)
but I know everything will be alright, and that all that matters is this:


PS. Joe made the JV middle school basketball team and the first game is this week, WOO!
PPS. Freddie's 0-3 pants (in photo above) are officially retired. sad.

November 28, 2011

Frederick's Blessing Day

Sunday, November 27, 2011

 turned 10 weeks old and was given a name and blessing in church. It was an incredibly special day for our family and Collin gave Freddie a beautiful blessing. He mentioned that Freddie should remember the people after which he was named, their bravery and faith...That he will be very loved in his life and that he must show that love to others....and That he must have faith throughout his life, and strengthen his testimony. During the morning as we were trying to get out the door to church on time, Freddie was feeling our stress and was crying a lot. Then he calmed down when we got there and slept. And my dad told me that just as the blessing was starting, he opened his eyes and looked around at everybody the whole time, without saying a peep.

I seriously look at Freddie and just love him SOOOO much, it's crazy. And I look at Collin and I just NEED him and LOVE him in every sense of those words. I'm so blessed to have them.

It was great to have friends and family come to the blessing. Frederick is loved by so many (and many more who weren't able to be there.) That means a lot to me.

Oh, and Freddie's a pretty chill happy baby but, of course, he's crying in these pictures. Poor guy, hehe. pretty cute still.

Beautiful blanket made by Grandma Smith

Matching hair colors

Dearest Annie

Preston and Amanda

The Blackhursts!!

CRAZY + Grandpa Money

love things I LOVE

Things I love...

Freddie being super strong cute baby with a mow-hawk??

And super strong Maelo...hanging from this booth. He's 8 months and man, he's so funny. I'm excited for Freddie to get to that stage...but I'm happy to have him a tiny little baby for now.

Maelo is OBSESSED with David and it is awesome.

I love our bed. (and the dudes in it)

morning walks around the block. I love our neighborhood! and the sun! and the weather!

kitty bucket head.

Grandparents and baby

Cutie Dot, what a lady. I thought Monte was looking small..but no...Dot is just getting so big!!

Love this guy


Feeding my baby and hanging with my family. 
AND OUTBURST!! My SECOND favorite game ever,
next to Boggle, of course.

Thanksgiving '11

Thanksgiving 2011
Money Home

Mom and Dad Money + Mom and Dad Smith + AJ, David, Joseph, + cousins Ilene Spencer & baby Maelo + Collin + Freddie + Kitties.

We all went around the table and said what we are thankful for. I said my husband. I love him so much. And my baby; I love being a mother. And for all the men in our family who are good examples for Frederick. And for parents who taught me how important family is. and for my kitties, of course. They sure make me happy.


3rd wedding anniversary

November 11, 2011 
3rd Wedding Anniversary

We ate. We made goals for the next 3 years. We left our baby for the first time ever!!!! He wouldn't take a bottle of my pumped breast milk. I guess he just likes the real thing best. Oh well, we'll try again.

I love you, Collin. I totally rely on you. I want to be there for you totally. We share everything: success and heartache. We will be together forever. That is the most comforting thing I've ever known. And it's true.

Dinner at Le Grande Orange
the avocado pizza was pretty alright, 
but the pepperoni sausage was AMAZING.

We made this:

Marriage is wonderful. Motherhood is wonderful. Life is wonderful. and hard. and crazy. but I have a lot to be thankful for.