February 26, 2014

Did you know about breastfeeding?


The link above is to a story---something that I really relate to and I think will be a lot of how I will feel someday when my breastfeeding relationships end. Who knows how long Fred and I or Harriet and I will go. My plan is for "as long as we both want." We will see. It's not always perfect but we love it and it's a huge part of who we are. 

Moving on comes to us all. I've heard from many who have gone through weaning that it's a bittersweet time--that one can be so depressed and so ready all at once. 

Well that time isn't yet for us so for now we will just enjoy our nursing time. I love these little stories from other peoples lives.  Moms and babes are all so unique. I enjoy learning from others and sharing my experiences. 

Freddie's really growing up and wanting his independence from me big time. I love when he comes back to check in, wants mommy and wants some "milky." I know how fast the baby stage will go with Hattie. I'm soaking up every second, just staring at her! I also long for one on one time w Fred recently. We've started a little intro to sports class at the community center and my mom holds Hattie while Fred and I have fun together!! I love that guy!! He's getting better and better at learning to be gentle with her and in general. He's so so gentle with the kitties now!! But he loves to growl at monte and scare the wits out of him, haha poor guy. 

I love my children and recently realized and verbalized that I love being a mother. 

February 22, 2014

Freddie said......

Fred: I can kick Hattie? 
Me: absolutely not!
Fred: absolutely sure?

(In sacrament meeting) 
Fred: Where's daddy o? 
Me: right there
Fred: (loudly) He's in the potty!

(Feeling under his hair in front)

He begins his prayers with, "thank you for da father."

Fred: where is daddy O?
Me: at work
Fred: he's workin' in the shop

Fred: (playing in the dirt) I'm working at my job. In the dirt. 

Fred: (in crazy monster voice) WE HAVE NO CHEESE!!!!!

Fred: I LOVE milky, mommy.

Fred: I LOVE the rain!! (It rained all day Saturday!!--one of just a few times in the year.)

"I'm so happy, mommy!!!!" (In the photo below because I said he could help me make eggs.)

Fred: I'm a Ho-Ho-Ho!! (Photo below)

Phoenix Suns!!!

Sandy money and Frederick's first Suns game of the season! It was a lot of fun: two babies in tow!! We four were squished into just two seats plus dinner but it was so much fun! Freddie was soooooo excited---absolutely giddy about going at all and had a great time watching the players, yelling at the lights to GO, and dancing his little booty off to the music. He loves "baskagaul" very very much. My mom and I had fun dressing up (I actually curled my hair!!! And felt nice!!!) and Hattie just nursed and slept most of the time. She was interested in looking at the court for a little while. We love my dad's season tickets this year: 4th row behind the opposing team's bench. We played the Spurs (double, triple puke) and killed them!!! That Duncan was crying in his seat, haha!

My babes in their suns colors!

February 19, 2014

Very lovely

Harriet Jillian. I love her so much!

February 15, 2014

My valentines; a family valentines date

It all started early this morning.....when Fred and I got up and made pink heart-shaped waffles and decorated for VALENTINES DAY!! He was really excited and brought the waffles into sleeping Collin who was very surprised when they ended up on him.

Happy LOVE day. All these holidays keep happening and I explain them to Freddie. He has been trained to say happy valentines day, daddy-o, and that valentines mean I love you.

February 9, 2014

Ward conference touched my heart

My Bishop quoted the scripture, Mosiah 2:4, "consider on the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God." The spirit asks for a mighty change of heart. Bishop counseled us to not judge ourselves so harshly and said that we are commanded to be perfect, but will never accomplish this in this life. We are human. We will progress greatly in the next life. He said we are doing better than we think. What an answer to prayers from yesterday. 

He also said: 
Not to compare ourselves to others. We often compare our weakest weaknesses with others' greatest strengths. This leads to envy. If others are blessed and successful at certain things, be happy for them and move on. I have been blessed in my own ways. 

He recounted President Gordon B Hinckley's counsel in April 2000 to be better husbands and wives; to restrain criticisms and be generous with compliments; as mothers and fathers to treat my children with love and respect and encourage them; as sons and daughters to be respectful and obedient to my parents; and as children of God to meditate daily on how I can be a better example of Christ. 

I was in a really bad mood this morning because...well I won't go into it. But I was upset and felt justified but also knew I was being ridiculous. Collin was patient with me. Freddie was crying most of the morning. Hattie needed to eat. I was mad. But hearing these kind, encouraging, loving, encouraging words from my bishop gave me the humility and confidence I needed to recognize my blessings and change my negativity to positivity. I'm grateful to be listening from the mothers lounge while nursing my daughter and for Collin who is with Freddie in the Chapel. I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father's love. He knows me. 
I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon. I started reading it again in January and have a goal of finishing by mid-June with the Young Women before we go on a trip to Utah. I don't want to be judgemental or critical. It's too yucky feeling and exhausting. And these dudes make me feel sooooo happy.....

February 2, 2014


Happy love month, my dear, CS. I love you. I'm so incredibly attracted to you! I want you! I need you every day! I love to talk with you, figure things out with you, live life with you, raise our children and kitties together. It gives me goosebumps when I hear you speak French, think about what a great man you are, or even just look into your dreamy eyes. I love spontaeous adventures with you and menu planning with you. You're a romantic, Smith. So am I. Together we will do everything. Here, there, or anywhere: my heart is with you.

I love you.