December 31, 2011

smith top twelve in 2011

we went to the White House with Anne Costa.
we made life-changing decisions at each of our jobs and ran away to Pitman 
we found out we were PREGNANT with a little Skittlecore, though we didn't tell anyone till March
Montgomery the kitty got neutered

celebrated another excellent Valentines Day with my two loves
we survived another winter in DC and harness trained Monte
I was EXHAUSTED and couldn't eat anything with flavor

had another great Iron Chef with best buddies in Rockville
my mom and Joe came to visit for their spring break
I turned 27 years old!
Collin turned 30 YEARS OLD!

I spent three weeks away from my collin and monte in FL and UT with the smiths
Collin got a job in AZ!! we were going to move!!!
my tummy started to grow
I returned home to beautiful blossoms
we spent Easter in Rockville with friends then packed up and had to say goodbye

5. MAY
we MOVED across the country
collin started work and we had fun living with the moneys
celebrated mothers day
we got a new smith, DOT

we found Blossom Birth Center, where we'd be having our child, and had our first appointment
we weren't finding out the sex of our baby

we had another ultrasound! s(he) was doing great!
we started hypnobirthing class
Collin almost died of neumonia
went to a reading and book signing for Laurie Notaro, my hero
we moved to central Phoenix!!

Montgomery Jack-o-lantern Gentleman Farmer TURNED 1  
my dad survived the first of two heart surgeries and many miracles happened in our family

Dottie got spayed, poor cute girl and DAD's SECOND surgery was a success!
so close to having our babe!
really enjoying living where we live
Thunder Football games
And.......I GAVE BIRTH to Frederick Ian!!

kept busy with work, life, family

loving my baby and breastfeeding
Thunder won the Regional Championship! Next up Florida for the National Championship!
mom and dad Smith came into town 
Collin and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary
we celebrated Thanksgiving

the Thunder won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for jr. midget football
Christmas festivities
Christmas time at the Moneys

It's been QUITE A YEAR! old jobs, new jobs, new home, adding family members, and celebrating; we hold to each other and the gospel. we're happy. we're humble. we're simple. we're more in love than ever. We're excited for 2012!

December 30, 2011

HAPPY birthday, AJ

Happy Birthday to my excellent brother, AJ!!! I love you very much!!!

a funeral and inspiration

We attended my Aunt Rosalie's funeral (my father's mother's sister). We lived in Vegas not far from them for 5 and a half years and saw them often. We knew her well. I looked up to her and her teenage daughters. They were so glamorous and cool. It was hard to go to the viewing. Hard to see Aunt Rosalie that way. And it was overwhelming to see her children and husband missing her so much. The look of pure sorrow in her husband's eye was indescribable. It made me sad to think that Collin and I might be apart for a short time one day. But her oldest living son gave her eulogy and said it best: we do not mourn her loss. We know she is in a better place. We know she is free from pain and happy. She is with her parents and son and former husband and sister (my grandmother), and other friends and relatives. We will miss her until our time comes. 

It was wonderful and sobering to hear her children and grandchildren celebrate her life by telling stories. She was a confident, loud, happy woman. She took strangers into her home and gave to everyone around her. She loved playing games and telling stories. She was a dancer. She stole a car once!! haha!

When I die, I want to be remembered like that (well maybe minus the stolen car, hehe): fun, giving, loving, friend and family to all. I want my life to change others' lives as hers has changed mine. 

The circle of life: our darling son.

Graves of her son, Kent, killed on his mission in Argentina, and her parents. Beulah and Merle sure had 4 amazing, independent, strong-willed daughters.

On the way home the stars were so glorious. We had to pull over and look at them for a while. It was chilly!

Grateful. grateful for my eternal family.