May 31, 2011

grilled corn

Grilled corn is the best thing in the world. I love corn. I could eat it all day. Apparently that's bad. Oh well. I had the best weekend ever with CS, kitties, brother, friends, BBQ, swimming, lemonade stands, black bean burgers, teaching my Dad's 17-year-old church class, and once again CS. Man, I miss him when he's gone all day and it was the best to spend alllllllllll weekend together. Saturday we drove around Phx and found a bunch of potential places to live. I'm so glad it's him and me forever. I LOVE him.

Yesterday was a fun Memorial Day. I got to cross a couple of things off my summer fun 2011 list.

THE HORRIBLE PART: I was stung by a scorpion very badly. It was not my first time. I've been stung 7 times before, and THIS was the worst one yet. The little bugger got me and then ran off. I didn't even get to kill it. Ahhhh I hate them. Well, we called poison control, you know, with babe and all, and don't worry; it doesn't get in my blood stream so can't hurt little him or her. It was just shooting pain and numbness in my toe and foot for the rest of the day. All better when I woke up this morning.

Once again, crappy phone photos. I'm really getting lazy. Our camera is on the fritz, plus it was dead.

I love America. I love friends. I'm grateful for my siblings-in-law who sacrifice so much for our country. 

May 29, 2011


We've been through a lot together.
We moved you across the country and you still love us!
Bath time is fun time. Thanks for NEVER having an accident
anywhere ever! You're my #1 kitty.

I love teaching with you and everything about you.
I can count on you for anything. I trust you. You have
me for forever.

We're just starting out and I'm so in love. 2 girls now!
Thanks for being cute and sleeping cuddled up with me.

You are almost a foot long! How is that possible?
I really like you already, and I know I'm going to love
you. Boy, Girl, I have no preference. I just really
want ya.

Love Nikki/Mama

May 28, 2011

more kitties.

As you can see, Dot Smith is a super cute total spaz with many different personalities...

Sleeping beauty


contortionist/very good hider

 Awesome fire-breathing/demon kitten

America's Next Top Model, Dot

Monte's adjusting well considering he has a new fuzzy girl in the house. 

PS. We totally found our DREAM HOME today. And it will continue to be a dream for a while. But ahhhh!

May 27, 2011


Well, you guessed it. Another addition to the $miths!!! Today we brought home little Dot. She is cautious, playful, and very very sweet. Oh those blue eyes!!!! Call us crazy for getting another kitten with 3.5 months left before a BABE, but yeah, you already knew we are crazy anyway. Collin set this whole this up. We're in Love! Again! Monte has been asleep since I've been home, and Dot's set up in her own room for now. This will be great!!!!

May 26, 2011

water birth

This is the woman we met with at our new birth center. Mary. She is one of two delivering women. 

"Our experience with Mary was more then we expected. We decided to have our first child at home and chose her to be our midwife. Right from the start I felt I had an amazing connection with her. I decided to do co-care in the begining and saw an OB-GYN. I'm glad in a way that I did do that because I got to see both sides. To the doctor I was just an appointment. The doctor spent maybe 3-5 minutes with me.
With Mary it was the complete opposite. We watched informational videos and she made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. We discussed our fears with her and she listened and made us feel better about them by how knowledgeable she is. She is such an amazing person, I'm so glad to have met her she has made such an impact on my life and has made us see birth so much differently from what we are accustomed to.
The birth of our son Micah was everything we wanted and more, it was so liberating and Mary will be there for the future kids to come!
Thank you Mary for everything, you are such a blessing." 

That was my experience with the doctor in MD to a T. It makes me emotional to think about it.  I'm so excited about this!!

The benefits of water birth:

Water Babe!!! I can't wait!

not usual

So Collin gets home from work each night and he's always in a great mood, whistling etc, and i'm ecstatic to see him. But in general, the Money/Smith clan isn't breaking out in song and dance. But my dad and Joe get home from practice, while my mom, CS and I have been making dinner and my mom puts on "Downtown" super loud. We are then all running and dancing around, singing to that great song. All the while the animals think we're insane, probably. Monte didn't actually say so, he just gave me that look like, you're nuts. 

Had to document this occasion, even if with the horrible camera on my phone because I was too large to go all the way upstairs and get the regular crappy camera. : D

Ended on a game of Rummikub where Sandy Money took all.

May 25, 2011

Runaway LUNGS!!

Collin was on AZ News in Prescott this morning!!!!
To talk about Body Worlds & the Brain!!
Hahahahah! He did so well; MAN, my husband is awesome.
They sure are lucky to have him down at the AZ Science Center.
I have the news recorded if you ever want to see it!!!

He brought some REAL LUNGS: healthy ones and ones from a person who smoked. 
They were in this CASE! & In our house all night SO COOL!


Feeling great and pregnant and BIG & beautiful.
I'm starting to become okay with my very large pregnant breasts
and even starting to come to terms with the stretch marks.
I have them. They are ugly. I've put all the creams and lotions
on everyday and night. But preventing stretch marks was just
not in the cards for me. 

Blossom Birth Center. Toured it. Two delivering women.
And the one we met with yesterday was so soft-spoken, 
friendly, asked lots of questions, told us about her own
10 births and her son's upcoming Holy Communion. 

Felt great. Felt at peace. I'm not overwhelmed about it;
I already knew it was the one.

May 23, 2011

Snakes, pirates, American kitty, AZ Science Center, DISAPPEARING FEET!!!

Olivia, the snake charmer

Got to see Collin at work and BODY WORLDS!!!!! It was amazing.

May 20, 2011

need something

I want to live somewhere abroad. I keep thinking about my time in the Czech Republic and Ireland, and am really craving being so independent, so inspired everyday, and around things I'd never experienced before. I want to be young, adventurous, exciting, romantic. 

Dobry den.

An animal lover of sorts. 

Phoning that fiancĂ©e of mine. If I hadn't been in love with him, I'd've never come back to the states. Also note, I put my camera on self-timer outside of this booth in the street. I'm an idiot by doing that, but hey! It worked!

could be feeling this one soon...

 Egon Schiele, I know where you sleep.

 Chesky Krumlov Castle. You know, back in the day here they didn't have a good water source so they just NEVER BATHED. EVER. Like, NEVER....

 Dinner party on our rooftop. I love these humans.