October 29, 2010

I live in a pretty neighborhood

Florida last weekend with Smiths!

What a weekend

We had just gotten our little ball of fun and sweetness, and had to take him to a babysitters already! We felt like horrible parents. Here is Montgomery helping me pack up for our trip. He didn't even know what was going to happen, and I felt helpless because I couln't explain to him that we'd be back in a few days! My good friend, Marissa, picked him and all his stuff and toys up. I hugged and kissed him and turned to go back into the house and as they left, I definitely cried. (He ended up having a great time and I wasn't stressed out at all while we were gone! I'm grateful for Marissa!!!)

Collin and I each went to work Thursday morning and left work early--around 2-3 to take the metro and buses to the BWI airport. Collin met me in Greenbelt with Chipotle for lunch. We were going on a trip! I love that feeling!!!! At the airport we treated ourselves to a Godiva chocolate frozen shake. This was the start of a LOT of food over the weekend. But hey! We hardly EVER eat out!! We deserved it!

Because we suck at life, we forgot to check in for our flight on Southwest and we pretty much were dead last to board. SO we didn't get to sit together. I did sit by two really interesting people though: one drunky 30-something year-old who had a snuggie and was very entertaining, and a father of 2 who had been married 26 years and who was a big-time PUZZLER. It was awesome.

THEN, we were in FLORIDA!!! It had been 2 years!
Felt good! Felt muggy! Felt Magical! Looked insane!!

Grandpa and Grandma Smith picked us up and brought us to stay at their place for the night. We had ice cream for breakfast and dinner and played lots of fun games. We love them so much!

Dad Smith came and got us and drove us to Collin's parents' home in Port Charlotte. 

On the way we stopped for some delicious BBQ. 

We were definitely in the sticks

I saved this turtle's life!!! He was in the middle of the road, so we pulled over and I grabbed him and put him on the other side. Phew!

We arrived!!! YAHOO! Mom and Kendra and Grandma, and new brother, Kyle!!! Collin and I immediately got along with Kyle. He's so cool. 
And he LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Kendra, oh boy. Those two are completely twitter-pated. 

Brothers. They were wearing the same thing!!!!

Happy Halloween!! We watched this funny movie called, Frighteners, but it was actually pretty freaky at parts. We were all thinking about it and I had dreams about it that night.

We all took turns cooking dinners. Kyle and Kendra (Kydra) had the first night. I don't know what it was called, but it was amazing. Baked pork and rice and delicious vegetables and sauces. He served his mission in China!
So pretty, too!!

"The kids" were off to Walmart. I had completely lost my voice at this point, oh boy. It was so fun just being silly and getting to know Kyle better. 

BEACH! It had been so long!!!! Living in Provo and DC for the last couple of years has really prevented us from easily going. (We did get to go back in March 2009 during Disneyland trip). 

Shopping at Goodwill. So many good finds in Florida thriftshops. 

Cute Mom


This was our meal. Tikka Massala. It was. Amazing.

We had been asked to sing in church, so Sunday morning we all sang together. It was actually really awesome. Collin did a solo, then we came in with parts. We all sounded fantastic together, and I totally carried the Alto part, WITH A LOST VOICE, mind you!!! It was a miracle. I couldn't talk at all, and I was praying that I could sing, and I could get out just enough to get by. Phew! Church was great.
I love Relief Society. Such Sisterhood. Such peace.
Poor Kyle got sick (I heard from the Bishop that he was throwing up WINK!) He's new to the Smith eating habits. But he'll learn. He'll be ready for Christmas. (ACK! CAN'T WAIT!)

Here was Mom's delicious OKTOBERFEST meal. Cabbage, kraut, bratwurst,
and a really different and delicious potato salad. 

Girl time= talking aka. GREAT conversation
Boy time= naps
We joined them at the end

They had to leave. Miss you brother and sister.

That night, Mom drove Collin and I back to Orlando for our early flight the next morning. The drive was pitch-black, eerie, foggy, and middle-of-nowhere, so we took the opportunity to each tell Ghost stories. Let me tell you, I was FREAKING OUT!!

Hot dogs with Grandpa's chili and ice cream for dinner again, and then gone at 6 the next morning
Aw, Mom.

The travelers

We got to security withe just 30 minutes before our flight left and there were a BILLION people waiting! But, like always, we don't learn our lesson and we made it. hehe.
Didn't do the boarding passes again, but at least he was right there. :)

Amazing gorgeous clouds. My fear of flying isn't so bad lately. 

Southwest has AMAZING hot chocolate!!!!!

landed. great trip with my great lover.