April 28, 2015

I want to give my children a mother who says, "I am beautiful" and not "I need to lose weight." I want to point out the beauty in things and people, instead of criticizing. I want to be happy and comfortable with myself and my body and I want to take care of it so that I can always play. When Frederick is frustrated I want to drop everything and make him laugh. When Hattie is crying and flailing I want to drop everything and hold and comfort her.

I want to protect my nestlings.

This afternoon:
Driving somewhere again. It's always, "get in the car," with me. It's my go-to move when we're all bored or antsy or driving each other nuts. Solution is to get OUT. to the park to run errands, to a store. It always helps w my kids to change the scenery.

Drove around in circles over and over wih Frederick on my lap, steering, in the library parking lot.
"You'd better turn so you don't crash!"
"Mom, when are we going to crash?"
"Never, I hope!"
Back in his seat, all buckled in. Thanks, you good boy!!!!

We don't get into the library. It's supposed to be open, but it's not. We have to get our prizes for the spring reading program!!! We did it so we have to! Tomorrow's the last day. The last day!!! I'll pop over on our way to Emily's.

Anyway so onto Target. Tried on swimsuits. I love sticking to a budget. I love getting cash out and having limits. And staying within them. Popcorn, buckled into giant carts. Hattie is the hard one! It's funny to me!! Got what we needed and shopped for the kids and a friend having a baby. I tried stuff on the kids and they picked. They giggled and ran from me. Freddie helped me get hattie back.

We were so charming in the check out line but freddie still managed to lose one of Freddie's shoes!

With the lovely Valentina!

We aren't potty training, but she likes to sit on the potty like her brother (who never uses a potty anymore..just a reg toilet) so we had to get two so they'd stop fighting over it. Thanks to amazon prime, it's a $7 and two day shipping awesomeness. She did pee in it once, and stuck her hands in everything. haha!


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