December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!!!

Happy New Year's Eve! Today we got up and ate rainbow waffles and played (Collin worked). We have been getting ready for our game night tonight!!! We can't wait to play games with adults! But it's also great because we are forced to deep clean a lot (not all, ha!) of our house. It's so nice to have a clean house! Not realistic to happen often but it's nice. Collin is streaming up lights all throughout our living room and it feels like new years!

Collin came home way early from work  and we all got dressed up to play in the snow!!! Hattie, as always, lasted about 5 minutes (actually longer than usual) so Collin took her in and I got to play with my Freddie in the snow!!!!! It was the best ever! I love that happy adventuresome kid. He's just so enjoyable right now. 

2015 was a great and crazy year. Moved twice in 6 months and received many blessings and lots of experience along the way. We had many ups and many downs but have become stronger because of the challenges. My testimony has grown and matured so much this year. I desire to sincerely study the scriptures because I love them. I love Heavenly Father and have come to know him through prayer. I have "poured my heart out to him." Every time I turn to him, I am comforted; things get better; they work out. I love my children, even through the tantrums and strong wills (of us all) and love my husband very very much. 

2016, here we come! This year I hope to have a healthy happy pregnancy, labor and birth of my third child. I'm so so excited to give birth at home. It will be a beautiful experience with my special little family.  I can't wait for the spring and summer and green and nice weather. It's months away though...
Freddie will be starting preschool and that is super exciting for us all.
We have lots of goals we will be working on this year. Excited for the future. 

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  1. Happy new year Smiths! We love you guys so much and hope all your wildest dreams come truly (for reals).