February 4, 2017

Harriet Jillian turns 3

My girl turned 3 and we had a big giant party. There were over 60 people in our little house. There was food, singing, playing and festive good feelings. Plus this sweet honey. She completes me. She challenges me. She IS me. Love this little doll baby darling.

I grew up with Emily Egbert! Went to middle and high school together (and in YWs). It has been awesome to reconnect as we've both been living in UT.

Us with Mia's family.

best thing to see these 3 playing together. Plus this AMAZING fun crazy playdoh set!!

It was wonderful to have my mom there with us. She loves these kids so unconditionally.

This girl is so full of life and spunk.
She is independent and strong and so brave. She is a homebody! She is becoming more and more aware and has developed some fears! Poor honey. Fred wants to go to space so badly someday (actually, Pluto) and talks about it a ton. She get soooo scared of "outer space" and does NOT want her brother, Fred, to go there! She's freaking funny though and can play and play and play. Give her two of anything and she will have them talking to each other, in one of her imaginary situations.

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  1. You guys throw the best parties! Happy birthday little Hattie!