June 8, 2008

Books on the Czech Rebublic

Degrassi: still good.
I miss you, friends.
I have some sort of mite living in my body, burrowing bumps and puss-boils into my skin.
I got medicine for that, but I itch all over.
I am in love, and love makes you crazy--like makes you want to wake up next to him every morning for forever.
I have no job and no money, so my sugar-daddy pays for everything; it's great!!!
I crave swimming everyday.
I been working on my tan, but mostly, I get freckles.
I watched 4 excellent movies today.
Chinese food is amazing.

1 comment:

  1. Your little puss buckets are pretty gross. What's even grosser is that you put a picture of chinese food right after your arm picture! hehe. I like your little poem, or thoughts in the beginning...

    P.S. I'm SO sorry I haven't called you back yet. It was a little crazy on my bday. Thanks for the beautiful card in the mail and all the happy birthday notes.(text, comment, email, etc.) Love ya!