July 29, 2017

July 2017

Well, it's BEEN A WHILE. But I'm just going to go from here.

3 kids is a lot sometimes. It's the happiest and saddest and most rewarded and challenged I've ever felt. It is hands full and heart full, trying to care for my 3 babes, get through each day, and treasure every moment with them as they are so little.

Frederick starts Kindergarten in a month. He will go to Granite Elementary here in Sandy, Utah. After talking to lots of people in the area, and meeting at the school for a K orientation, we feel that this is the absolute right thing for Fred and for us. Nothing will be perfect, but it seems like the right fit. as always, Collin and I will be involved and helpful as much as we can.
Fred is my bud. He is my right hand man. He is a leader in our family and among his friends and neighbors. He is discovering who is is, little by little.

Harriet is growing and changing a lot too. She is more agreeable and able to talk things out. We still have our days of misunderstanding and frustration, but mostly due to my trying to control her. She is a beautiful butterfly. She and fred both have wonderful imaginations. They play well together and also fight together. They learn so much from each other and love each other very much.

Ella is still my baby, but is also developing her likes and dislikes and her personality. She is a stubborn little thing, and nothign gets past her these days. She is smart and cunning just like her siblings. She has a special and unique bond with each one. She has started fighting back when they pester her, which has resulted in biting, hitting, and scratching. She sticks up for herself. She is on the verge of speaking. She understands much and she does her best to communicate her needs and thoughts.

I'm evolving as a mother and person. I'm looking deep within myself to the person I am currently and the things I need and want to be fulfilled. I am asking myself many questions and finding the answers to them, little by little. I have learned much and have a lot to learn. I love getting out and exploring new places, as always, but I find myself not wanting to be quite as busy as before. I find myself wanting to cherish and play with my children. I'm realizing that where I felt discipline, sternness and justice was necessary, along with (and sometimes in place of) that needs to be understanding, trust, loyalty and unity for my children, husband and family. I'm not exactly sure what it all looks like, but I'm excited for some new chapters in our lives.

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