July 29, 2017

52 Stories week 7

What have been the most important and valued friendships in your life?

My parents and brothers have always been important to me. I have always found myself wanting to please them. I've not always been certain of their approval and trust of me. My family doesn't like to talk about how they are truly feeling. It seems there is a lot of hurt and shame from the past. I have always known I'm loved and cared for, but am I liked? Unconditionally?

When I was little, my cousins were everything. But as I grew up, friends became very important to me. Friends whom I could trust became my family. I'm a social person. I'm pretty open about my feelings and who I am. I have a lot of friends and love people. I try to be considerate and kind. I have insecurities when it comes to wanting others to like me and approve of me. 
To this day there are only a few people in my life who know everything about me. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for friends in my life. 

Best friends:

Morgan Cummard Skeen
Jayna Brugman Hedges
Kim Valenzuela Woodbury
Anne Costa
Emily Larsen Dyer
Samantha Crowther

These women have been unconditionally supportive, loving and understanding when no one else was. 

My relationship with my parents has grown in the last 8 years. My mom is my best friend and my dad and I are seeing more eye to eye and meeting each other with more understanding and courtesy than ever before. I view my mother in law, Ludona, as someone I can talk to about most things. She has a different perspective, and also is forgiving and understanding of me. I know she truly cares. 

I am developing my relationship with my sister in law, Amelia, whom I ADORE with all my heart, and want to repair damaged relationships with my other two sisters in law, Ashley Smith and Kendra Mattox. 

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