December 12, 2009

1 degree???

Holidays! Mom Dad and Joseph Money came up to Provo for Thanksgiving.
Let's have some group shots:

The Moneys meeting up with a couple of guys from AJ's mission
and their families at Cafe Rio. I think Cafe Rio is over-rated.

all the kids after the Thanksgiving
variety show at our place. Everyone is so talented.

Here were are after the EXCELLENT BYU
football game where BYU CRUSHED the skulls
of University of Utah. We kids rushed the field
afterward. It was great.

But then we had to say goodbye. For now.

It's Christmas time again, folks!

AJ and me making snowflakes.
We're used to Arizona and having to
CREATE snow during Christmas.

We've had the real deal for a week, now.
So beautiful, but I can't wait to get
to Phoenix for CMAS!!!

Our friends, the Hutchings, won the
ugly sweater contest for the ward
Christmas party.

made a chicken-pot-pie with
the rest of the Thanksgiving
leftovers. OH MAN, it was good.

Hot Chocolate and FLUXX at Dennys

AJ and I went to the senior vocal
recital for our friend, Josie. It was so
fun, and she is an incredible singer
and preformer.

Handsome AJ

Pink scarf lady

She's amazing, and is truly using
her talent for good.

MONDAY- Fly to Phx
SATURDAY- AJ and Collin drive down

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