January 3, 2010

I'm Mr. Heat Miser; I'm Mr. Sun

Christmas Time in Phoenix

Christmas Carols around the Piano
Aw, brother and husband on Christmas Sunday

Leo Patrone pose

Family home evening Traditions night.
Gingerbread houses and cookies from scratch!!!!
Joe spent the entire break on the trampoline
oh man, these were really really good.
Gingerbread smells soooooo good
building our houses

my creation

Joe's roof had an adorable worker fixing this broken candy, hehehe.
Collin's Candy Tabernacle! WOW!
Christmas EVE. We spent all day watching Cmas movies, had a huge dinner with friends, visited the Brugmans, then went home and read Luke 2, Dad recited 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, & got PJs. Then the kids went upstairs and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Dad, Mom, Joseph, Collin, Nikki, AJ. We MISS YOU, DAVID!
Brothers minus 1
Love bugs
Micky the Santa Dog
Christmas morning! He wins for the most appreciated present.

I got the Game of Life!
Sushi at Hon Machi for dinner. DELICIOUS.
AWESOME CRAZY lighted up house!!!

There goes Christmas.

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