December 12, 2012

The first haircut

Just look at those golden locks!

Collin and I have been debating on cutting Frederick's hair for months now. We both have gone back and forth on wanting to chop it, and wanting to keep those beautiful curls growing forever. Well, finally, it was the right time!
My best friend, Jayna -of Jayna H Photography- did such a great job. We put on his favorite show, Yo, Gabba Gabba, of course, and she let him feel the clippers and helped him feel so safe and excited. He did so well that she had no problem cutting his hair with scissors all over too!!!

My super cute super happy little boy!!

Collin and I absolutely love how it turned out! Freddie likes it too. Thank you to Jayna for such a great job! She took a gorgeous picture of him, too!

(And by the way, she took our family photos a few weeks back and I'll be posting some of those soon! )


  1. Oh My GOODNESS!!! I love this picture of Fred!!! He looks so grownup now! And SOOO HANDSOME!!! Love that little boy!!!

  2. He's so handsome - with and without curls! It's probably that joyful soul of his that trumps even his precious hair!

    Can't wait to see and hear more about your holiday prep, parties, and plans! Hugs, hugs!

    P.S. The ornament you made for us is still one of my favorites on our tree. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!