May 8, 2012

Hangin with mom+Grandma Lulu+The Avengers

Freddie and shoes from the DR.
Seeing Grandma Lulu again on her way back to FL. (at the Big Apple. We just went to this random place because it was near the airport and it was awesome.)
Then we saw the Avengers. I actually enjoyed it. And Fred slept through the whole thing, phew.
He's a cute sleeper. He has been eating a ton all day today. That plus being bitten like 3 times on each side in the past couple of days makes for lots of lanolin use. Having teeth on the top and bottom is rough. Im not sure what to do. In not going to quit and I'm not going to smack him or yell at him or scratch him. Not my style. Are there any gentle effective ways to stop the biting?


  1. Regarding the biting, this is what was recommended to me (can't remember if from a book or a friend). When he bites, gently smush his face into your breast until he lets go. Try your hardest not to jump when he does bite because that will just amuse him and he will do more. After I did this 4-5 times, Saha never but me again.

  2. I do exactly what Purvi does...

  3. oh my goodness, i can't even imagine how bad it will hurt once margo gets teeth! haha!

    and i've considered going to a movie with her and hoping she'd sleep through it. maybe i'll get brave enough to try it this weekend.