March 6, 2013

The Farm at South Mountain

Frederick and I joined my mom and her friend, Kathy, for an afternoon lunch at the Farm. It was so peaceful. Fred loved running around in the grass, playing with sticks and getting into the water in the pond. His favorite part was picking up, cracking and eating pecans that had fallen from the trees.
For lunch I had an insanely fresh and delicious veggie w avocado and havarti cheese sandwich and don't forget some butternut squash creme brûlée!
It was a relaxing gorgeously weathered afternoon. I know it's hotter than death by fire in Phx in the summer...which is practically tomorrow...but it's stinking nice here right now.
Let's talk about the overalls...Overalls were really popular while I was in middle and high school and being that my fiends and I wore them so much and they were so unflattering, we look back at them in total disgust. I swore I would never put my future children in overalls. However someone gave us a pair recently, and as much as it went against my own best judgement, I put him in them and man did he look cute and happy. And he was one of quite a few toddlers in overalls there today. Watch out, Fred.


  1. Overalls are perfectly acceptable (and adorable) on little kids, and that is IT. LOL. Looks like a beautiful place and sounds like a delicious lunch! Is that Kathy Crawford?

  2. i just saw ollie's overalls on and thought how i should put them on him tomorrow! and now i will for sure. jealous of the warm. not jealous of the soon-to-be-hot. that fred. so cute.

  3. i totally typed something but don't know where it went. argh. fred=cute. ollie=wearing overalls tomorrow.