March 3, 2013


Frederick went to nursery today for the first time!!!! He's growing up. It's so wonderful and hard at the same time. He needs me so much but also less and in different ways than before. I keep thinking of the quote...

"Motherhood is about letting go...first from your breast, then your arms, then your sight, then your home."

I cant help but hold Collin and look into his eyes and say with a sigh that this is the start of it all. It's crazy, man.

But!!!!! He did amazingly!!! Only cried for about 5 minutes!! And I got my first piece of nursery art to hang on my fridge, and boy, I couldn't be prouder.

1 comment:

  1. Awwwww! Yay Freddie! And yay for you two parents! What a great experience. Momentous!

    Love you guys.