March 15, 2013

March 13th

I'm so blessed! I can't ever complain! I have incredible friends and family who make me feel incredible!

I'm 29 years old!
I have a super hot husband who listens to me!
My child is gorgeous! Hilarious! Smart! Sweet! He exists!
My kitties cuddle and love me and I love that sort of thing! ;)
It's march! Almost spring! (Almost summer!)
I've had the best birthday! Cards! Balloons! Breakfast! Lunch! Vintage store! New record player (other one broke)! Museum! Jumping on the bed and dancing around the house to 60s tunes! Playing outside with Fred and kitties! Candy! Tulips! Candle! Birthday calls! Guitar hero (joe beat the crap outta me)! Naps! And the park with my family. I feel i am the luckiest girl alive.

Listening to bluegrass!
Sun setting!
I love life!
Fred is wearing this hat! And a million other things. Gotta go!


  1. What a super fun cool looking day!!! I am so glad that you had a fabulous birthday! 29 was a GOOD year!!! I hope you Love it!!! We love you!!!

  2. happy birthday dear nikki! those butterflies are almost scary. and yes, that little boy is beautiful.

  3. Your birthday should be celebrated more often! Because you are a blessing in so many lives EVERY DAY! Love you, Nikki! So glad that you had a great day! xxoo