April 2, 2013

Eggs, colored

Easter season egg dying. Fred loved it! I love egg salad sandwiches. We work well together.
Also, we finally tried Bosa donuts. Very good but not as good as the Fractured Prune. (R.I.P. Rockville location.) Will anything ever come close to those??
Then an Easter Egg hunt at Encanto Park. Super fun. They did it by age so it was a bunch of 1-y-olds with Fred. So cute. After meeting the Easter Bunny, Fred was VERY nervous and would not let me put him down. So I carried him quickly from egg to egg and bent down so he could reach it and put it in his basket. Hehe. The silliest part was that in all the eggs there were teeny tiny choking hazards. Phoenix.
We went down to my moms house after church Sunday, where Fred got totally spoiled by the Ahwatukee Easter Bunny.
Love my little frog.


  1. Well, that bunny would scare me too! Poor guy. EB costumes are always terrible.


  2. Love the pic of him in the carseat! He's so handsome! Glad you guys had a good holiday! Miss you!