April 9, 2013

Kitty puppy (written 4/10/13)

We found out we are having another baby! he or she will be referred to as kittypuppy. In this second pregnancy, it's different because though I know I'm pregnant and think of that fact often, my number one thought is Frederick. I keep thinking if how all this will effect him. But Collin and I are so happy. We are thrilled.
Saturday I was a few days overdue longer than my longest cycle, so in between general conference sessions, I went into the bathroom alone and prayed and peed on a test. I told Heavenly Father that i know this is in his hands and i will respect whatever the outcome. Two lines. I cried and thanked him. Then waited three minutes just to be sure. Then I went out and showed Collin, who stared at it, laughed, hugged me and cried. Then we scooped up frederick, our darling 1 year old, and hugged and kissed him and told him he is having a brother or sister.
We have so far told just a few friends. We are excited to be able to tell Collins parents and Ian and Ashley in person!
I have been extremely tired, am starting to feel nauseated, and have been experiencing small cramps. I have an appointment tomorrow with Blossom, which I'm excited about. They have a new midwife, Diane. Which will be interesting. I wish I could just see Nichelle only and have her for sure, but what can I do about that? Nothing.
I've been determined to keep exercising at la fitness, sometimes forcing myself out the door in the morning. Today I was so tired. And the music sounded weird. And things taste weird and smell so strongly. I want to get out but I don't have the energy to chase Freddie.
Morgan had her baby last night at 11:05pm. He looks like a perfect angel. She did amazingly.

Collin wants to take Hypnobirthing again.
I also want to take the belly dancing during labor class at blossom. And I want to focus on a water birth. I want to eat healthy. Ill eat my 100 grams of protein every day and drink tons of water so I don't swell and avoid Bell's Palsey.

Alright; nap time.

James Oliver just minutes old. 

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  1. hooray for being outed! so excited for you guys.