April 10, 2013

Photos and stories from the past couple weeks

Eating pretzels by the pool. (We've been swimming almost every day. Collin says its way too cold, but Fred and I call it refreshing. It's cools my bones and then we don't have to turn in the a/c. Yeah we turn on the a/c. We hate being hot! And although its insane nice outside, it gets stuffy and hot in our place. we've done it two ways: we've not turned on the a/c unless necessary and scrimped and kept it at a very conservative temp and we've also done it where we blast it as low as we need when we need--and it's seriously a difference of $10-20. We have a tiny apartment!! So we will be comfortable.)

Baby and me yoga at midwives rising! We love it. Fred does poses. He's awesome.

Blasts from the past.

Holding hands w a kitty.

Chalk at the park on another gorgeous day.

Fred at a birthday party with friends.

Frederick riding on his uncles back. Seconds after this photo was taken he fell off and hit his head on the tile fireplace.
:( :( :(

Sleeping beauties.


  1. so adorable. i so wish he and ollie knew each other. maybe not though because ollie can be mean. and no baby deserves that. :) there's always being roommates at college!

  2. Freddie is really in your face hugging, grabbing and sometimes biting to babies younger than him, and if older hes much nicer. It might do him good to get a little roughed up...in a loving way..;)
    But definitely EFY and college roommates. Sophie has to go to EFY with them too!!!