May 9, 2013

Summer in spring and stroller

We accidentally left our stroller in Florida (we were there mid April for a wonderful week. I still need to blog about it.) for a person with no car who gets out a lot by walking and public transit, it was tough. Especially right now.
I wasnt sure what we were going to do because It was going to be like $200 to ship it back and we paid just less than that for it. Oh bother. And I love my ergo but again, right now that's getting hard to use. I just want to strap Fred in and walk. It was even harder to convince myself to go to LA Ftness (across the street). But I have been still...don't worry. 

By the way, after a couple of months, Fred loves the gym kids club!!!!  He now goes right in, runs and plays with the kids, and is so happy when I get back to him an hour or so later. It's wonderful. Consistency and patience worked!! 
We are still working on nursery but that's getting better too. 

GOOD NEWS!! We got our stroller!!! Yay!! Since, we've been all over. It makes traveling in this 101 degree weather (in may!!!!!!!!!!!!) bearable. We have to get out though because summer days are long and depressing if spent inside everyday. We are hoping to get a membership to the children's museum soon! Ill happily spend time there once-twice a week. Fred would love it. 
We are also spending a ton of time at the pool--we have been swimming for the past month already. Fred has this life vest and he sits in an intertube on top of that so he's happy and I can push him around and still swim myself. I need to get a picture. It's hilarious. We lounge and eat grapes and say hi to all the passin neighbors. Fred is quite friendly. He waves and usually will high five and pretty much always 'knuckles.' Not sure how he learned that one. 

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