May 17, 2013

James Oliver Skeen

One of my dearest friends on this planet, Morgan, had a baby boy just over a month ago. She did such a great job and is doing a great job despite the many challenges and changes of being a new mom. I watch her with her little Oliver and she looks like such a natural: holding him, feeding him, comforting him. She keeps saying "no one told me _____!" It's true. We forget or don't want to worry you or just know that everyone's experience is unique. But still, I wish there was more that was talked about openly instead of a little the fact that everyone says I'm crazy or brave or "they could never do that," for not having drugs during labor but to me recovery was waayyyyy harder than labor ever was, and everyone has to go through that in some way or another.

Well congratulations to dear Morgan and her amazing husband Tom, who is taking such good care of both her and baby Oliver!!!
The first time I held him I felt's crazy how I forgot how to hold a newborn! And Freddie was huge compared to him!!! Fred would acknowledge Oliver, but kept leaving and walking around the house. Oliver is such a good baby and so cute. I love him! Not much better than having best friends experience the joys of motherhood. (and sorry...tortures too...) ;)

Double the trouble!!!!


  1. that name--love it! welcome to the world little oliver!

  2. I know and they all him Oliver!!! I have two sweet little Oliver's in my life. It's funny too because we loooove that name.

  3. I love my little babe!!!!! Although I didn't go natural labor route, I AGREE.... Recovery is a million times more difficult than labor. But I have a healthy baby, so I can't complain!