May 27, 2013

Camping memorial weekend

Camping up north!! We picked up Collin from work early and headed to Munds Park to camp with a bunch of friends. We  haven't had a family trip in a while and it felt so good to get out of town. Freddie loved the views of the beautiful mountains and of course the giant trucks everywhere. I'm not sure how it happened but my little boy has become such a little boy!! He's obsessed with all things with giant wheels that make any sort of mechanical noise. 

The pines were beautiful. 
We got to Munds Park and set up camp then started preparing our dinner. There were nine families and everyone made their own food and ate together. It was so much fun!! And nine families means a TON of little kids running around. Fred was so happy. 

We had delicious hamburgers made by Collin, tin foil potatoes and green beans and grilled corn (my Fav.)
S'mores!!!!! With symphony bars for the chocolate. Genius on my part. 
He loved the s'more but not getting super sticky. 
We totally forgot our blow up mattress, extra blankets and pillows so It was a freezing uncomfortable sleepless night but was fun!!!! We have had a little 2 man tent our whole marriage and we got to try out our brand new 4 man tent!!!!! We loved it so much. Fred woke up super happy and couldn't wait to get out and play some more. 

That morning for breakfast the Smiths had breakfast burritos with the most delicious sausage ever. 
Then we all sat around and talked and played while the kids all played. A few families we were with brought their four wheelers!!! Fred got to ride in a big buggy type one and looooooved it. (But even more, he and the other little kids loved climbing in it while it was turned off and pretending like he was driving!!) Collin took me for a ride and although I thought he might kill me--he didn't and it was SUPER fun. 

Then our family decided we wanted to pack up and head to Flagstaff to hang out for the rest of the day. On the way down the mountain there were lots of cabins and most had garage sales!! So we stopped at a bunch of those and a little kid sold us his whole tool set for $3. Frederick loves it! 
We got into flagstaff and saw a sign for the arboretum. I had never been and always wanted to we did!!!! It was sooo beautiful!!! It was so much fun and perfect for a little guy like Fred who loves to explore and be outside. He loved the planted and animals and even found some watering cans he carried around for a while. Collin and I loved it too. It was such nice weather. It felt like a vacation. And Collin saved the life of a little squirrel!!!!! I was very proud. 

Trying to touch this owl then a little nervous after being told the owl could bite his hand off. And would. 
The AZ state manmel: the ring-tailed cat. Super vicious. Who woulda thought!

Fred makes everything fun. Oh...and he became best friends with this creepy plastic cat....probably because THIS cat let him squeeze him, kiss him, tickle him, hold him, etc. 
We did lots and lots of other great flagstaffian stuff including a visit to my beloved McConnell, which was closed for summer but I couldn't get a picture because my phone died. Also, we met this awesome couple and Freddie ride their long board. 

Tantrums took place during the picture below. 
Happy fools!!


  1. oh you guys are so cute. i so wish ollie and fred could hang.

  2. You all look so, so happy and it just makes my heart warm! Miss you guys! You're such a good party family! And 9 families together camping!? That's awesome! I would love a big group like that! And congrats on the 4 man tent! Last year Marc got a 6 man tent, which is HUGE for us, but we love it! Looks like you had an awesome weekend. You all look so vibrant and wonderful! Hope we get to see you sometime in the future!!! We miss you!

  3. LOVE IT!!! What a fun weekend!!! I can't wait to go camping again! We have a NEW tent we haven't gotten to use yet and other gear we are DYING to try out! Glad you guys had fun!!!