February 22, 2015

Sunday study and sacrament as I'm looking for answers to heartache.

We can't change the family and life we have been born into. 
I can change myself and my attitude. Heavenly father is a perfect father and being who will never let us down. 

Scripture study is personal and for me to really love them and really benefit from them I must read and study them by myself and with my family and husband and children. 
Such a blessing to have the scriptures and church literature and media on our devices. So much power in that at our fingertips. 
-pray, read scriptures and exercise BEFORE getting on social media. 
-every time I plug in my phone ASK myself if I have plugged into the most important source of power that day--?? Prayer and scripture study. 

When children see their parents faithfully perform Church callings, it strengthens their family relationships.

If all families were complete and perfect, the Church could sponsor fewer activities.

“No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned; By kindness, and pure knowledge”

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