August 11, 2015

My family, LATELY

We just got back from a giant amazing trip to the East! We visited Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware! I'll be blogging about that over the next little bit, and MORE exciting news soon, but here's some of what the smiths have been up to this summer....

We have been working, having fun, working on our new home some more, playing together as much as possible. We feel close as a family. 

The kids have been "earning" bikes this summer. They have charts and when they do certain things they get stickers. When their charts get completely filled up, they will earn their bikes!!!! Hey have been working all summer and it'll take a while longer but they are doing great. There are things such as, listening to mom and dad, brushing teeth, pooping in the toilet, saying a prayer, cleaning up, trying a new food, finishing their meal, helping in the garden, and a few more. Hattie's is a simplified version.  Hers also has sitting on the potty. :) did I mention, Fred is finally officially poop trained? It happened back in he beginning of June. YAY!! 

We have been loving our new library, the Chandler Downtown Library. There are great story times and play groups and we have met a few friends already! We demolished the summer reading program. :) 

Naps. Long naps every afternoon. Fred has always needed naps. And then....
This past Wednesday he wouldn't nap. And again Thursday. And fri, sat....I'm sure he might today (we will see!) but wow, my boy is growing up. Cuties on Tuesday. 
Swim lessons!!! We are doing our second session on swim lessons at our neighborhood pool- Folley Pool, and we love it so much. $15 bucks a kid, too! Can't beat that! Hattie is so so comfortable in the pool: blows bubbles, jumps right in, holds her breath. And Fred has gotten so much more comfortable in the water. He goes under on his own and loves being in his class. I feel that their foundation at Swimkids USA was invaluable. Daddy joins us almost every day because classes are in the evening. We go home and eat and are nice and worn out for bed. :)

I have been getting super healthy in stroller strides! I love it! I feel strong and amazing! During the summer it's in the mall and so we always stay afterward to play and run around until naps. It's so fun. 

Had our last day at the Children's museum before our membership expired. We went as a family and had the best time ever. 

We have loved that place so much. It's been very good to our family. 

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