November 28, 2015

A shower for the soon-to-be Amelia Money

We had a wedding shower for Amelia! I loved meeting more of her friends and family. The more I get to know of Amelia and the people in her life the more I love her! I'm so happy my brother has found someone who loves, and challenges him, who is a strong, smart, interesting woman, who finds beauty in the world and who loves God and loves David!!! 
There was a game where they were each asked questions about each other and their relationship, both funny and serious, and I loved hearing them talk about each other, so giddy and in love. Amelia loves him and is so proud of him. She cherishes him and the good man he is.  He's totally in love w her too and in awe of her and her talents. I can't wait to see them sealed in the temple for forever!!

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