November 1, 2015


Freddie has been becoming more and more obedient and agreeable lately. I see him making conscience choices to play with his sister kindly, to try to listen when his little body just wants to run away and tease me.  When he and Hattie are getting along I stay out of it completely and just let them be together happily. 
Hattie's language has exploded and she pretty much repeats every thing we say. She can express herself very well. She loves to sing and knows the words to lots of songs. She wants to do everything her brother does!!! Tonight they ran around the living room and then jumped off the coffee table about 30 times each. They lead the music and both want to say prayers. But we are working on being reverent. That's a very very hard one for them, hehe. 
Frederick has been preparing for his very first primary program, which is next week, and we can't wait!!!! We have been singing all the songs. He knows every word!!
My kids can be a handful. So much personality!!! And they are strong and strong-willed and crazy and naughty at times. It's hard at church when they are loud and climbing all over. But they are good and pure and sincere and sweet. Harriet will stop nursing and tell me, "I wuv you!" And Freddie will come give me a big kiss. It always surprises me because they only give affection on their terms. I love this about them both. 
Today Hattie came into relief society and I was so happy to see her. She said, "hi mama!" In front of everyone. It made me so happy and I felt so grateful for my two little characters. They are just right for me. 
I'm night-weaning hat. She sleeps we me and has always awoken throughout the night to nurse as she pleases. It never effects me or my sleep because she just nurses and rolls back over. But in pregnancy my milk is turning back into colostrum and naturally lessens and she is less satisfied and will nurse for hours. Plus I'm much more sensitive now. So just like w Freddie when I was pregnant w hat, it started effecting my sleep and we night weaned. The first few days are the worst. Lots and lots of crying. She cried for hours and wouldn't stay in bed. She walked out to the hallway and would stand facing the wall just bawling. (Halloweeny!!) she cried for an hour or so multiple times during the night. We would sing to her, hold her, rub her back. It was tough. But the next couple of nights she woke up for just a short time and cried and stayed in bed and then went back to sleep. The the next night it was just once for a few minutes. And I can feel a huge difference in my sleeping. She's allowed to nurse after 7am. And she gets to cuddle and nurse whenever she wants  throughout the day (though she's pretty distracted playing to nurse more than a couple times plus nap time.) 
I'm excited to tandem nurse again. It'll be good for Hattie to share and a good way to bond w the new one. Freddie will be a sweet and knowing and experienced big brother. 

Last thing. It's fall.  It's so lovely and colorful. Not that cold yet but it is supposed to snow next week. We will see. I got snow boots for the kids and brushes and scrapers for our cars!!!!!


  1. Look at you, pretty girl! I'm glad you're happy but I'm sorry you've been feeling crappy with this pregnancy. I know ALL about that. ;) I hope the nausea eases up soon and you can feel more comfortable.

    Lucy has a doctor's appointment on the morning on the 20th in Salt Lake so we're going to spend the night up there on the 19th (so we don't have to drive an hour that morning!). We're staying at a bed and breakfast about a mile away from you- maybe we can stop by for a minute and give you a hug! Let me know if you'll be home that evening. We're going to check in around 5:30 and we're just planning on eating dinner then hanging out at the hotel. Message me on FB if you're free that night. :)

    1. Alisha!!!!!! Oh no, I'm just seeing this comment on January 15th! I wasn't getting notifications and was going through comments I hadn't seen. I'm so bummed because I would have loved to see you! Please let's do t next time you can!