March 13, 2016


Another year older! 
I woke up this morning feeling so grateful for my family, my husband, my children, my cat, my home, the sunshine+bulbs popping up all over our yard, my unborn baby and all the wonder and beauty possibility coming to me. 
I went to choir today and was in awe of my little boy, 4 and a half years old this month, passing out books, helping, singing with another primary kid in front of us all. 
Then during sacrament both Freddie and Hattie were having a hard time, not listening, spilling food, laying in the aisles, and I worked with my partner the best we could to calm them, teach them, punish them!!!! (Haha for real....what to do when there are three??) 
We went through the meetings and I feel a sense of belonging, being needed and special, even in a group so diverse and talented. I was reminded that I know for sure that God knows me and hears and answers me and that we are here on this earth to take care of each other. 
After church we had a ward activity, a "linger longer potluck," where we all came together and ate and talked and laughed and got to know each other better. The kids ran around together in and outside. It felt like a real family. I was overwhelmed by my love for those people in my ward and for their love and concern for me and my family. It's so hard to miss my best friends and family from Phoenix and Florida---and whomever is reading this. It really is. But God expands me and my love and my ability to be loved. He provides opportunities for my social little family and helps us see now and again that we are good and he accepts our sacrifices and mistakes and attempts to have faith in his plan for us. 
And now, after a 2.5 hour family nap, it's time to get up and get ready for my family bday party. Yahoo! I haven't been eating any sugar or junk food at all and have been limiting my carbs and sugars etc but I'm totally having (just a little) bday cake and ice cream tonight! 😆😜💗🎉💗

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