March 6, 2016

Out out out! We can be out!

Hike it baby! We joined this group; they meet a few times a week and do baby/mama/carrier friendly hikes all over salt lake. This was our first one and it was so much fun. We loved the ladies we went with and they thought my kids were hilarious. Fred does awesome on hikes now and wants to be ahead and in charge. Hattie still cries at times and wants to be held lots. Mostly I make her tough it out till the end, and then I'll carry her. 

There were some really slippery icy parts. 

Hanging out in our pjs on the Capitol lawn. Sometimes we need to get out and can't take the time to dress everyone. The SUN has been wonderful. 

Found a giant awesome worm
Fred wanted to run w this dog. It was so cute. And hilarious. The dog would run to him too and excitedly jump on the poor boy, who was half his size. Haha great learning moments. 
Free zoo day, yay!!

I love them, even when they don't listen, but especially when we just have a good time together. 

Park. Collecting stuff. 

Dot greets as we come home. (We leave the side window open for her during the warm-hot months) she's just as thrilled as we are to be able to go outside again. 
Daredevil. All the moms freak out and probably think I'm so careless. But if a girl wants to hang off the edge of a jungle gym...what can I do about it???

Then came a windy cloudy day. 

Art class at the Main Library
And eating at the park after. These two were up to all kinds of mischief. 
Singing Frozen songs. 

Walks around the neighborhood. They do our souls so good. 


  1. I'm sad I missed free zoo day! We used to have a pass but not anymore and I keep wanting to go! Also, when you go to the main library do you pay for parking or take public transit?

    1. We don't go to the main library much these days. We go to the new marmalade one right by us. We used to take the bus and drive.