July 19, 2016

I love you, Harriet

I love you, beautiful Harriet. Your wild golden hair. Your wit and brain. Your thoughtful brow. Your fingers and feet, ever moving, running, touching, climbing; even when I ask you not to. Your curiosity and cleverness. Your words, sometimes screaming and sometimes softly asking. You are all woman and all strength. You know just what you want and just what to do. You need me always and I need you always. My darling, you keep me safe. My darling, you make me laugh! You tell me to smile, "be happy, mama," you say while we are riding in the car. You're fearless. You jump right off the bed onto the floor. You tell me you're going to ride roller coasters when you're big and you're big right now; you're going to ride a purple roller coaster that's sparkly! 
I can't wait, my baby. 

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