July 10, 2016


Today at church Collin will give Ella a name and blessing. She will from now on be on the records of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is also symbolic of how we will raise her. We will teach her the gospel and encourage her to take part in this church, serve God and follow Jesus Christ.
Collin and I are both sad that our parents cannot be here today, but we know that their spirit will be here with us. And! We are so so so happy that many many friends and family members will be here to celebrate with us today.
Ella is eight weeks old now, and her spirit is very profound and our family. Newborns have this way of making us  us stop and breathe and look into each other's eyes. 
The kids are curious and excited about the blessing and for the party we have been getting ready for. They both said they wanted blessings and so Collin gave them blessings this morning. He explained the different types of blessings that are given, and and then gave them each a blessing from the heavenly father through the power of the priesthood. It brought the spirit into our home so strongly. I feel awesome. 

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